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  1. nevermind, the posts that i had seen with problems were far outdated, my bad. just installed 6.2.3 without any problems last night, jellyfin working smoothly right now! great tutorial!
  2. ahhh i went through your post, really good job man, thanks for the guides, but i've seen many problems with 6.2.3, is it ok to install it now or is it better just to stick with 6.2.2?
  3. Hi guys, im new to xpenology, so sorry if my question is kinda dumb... I used 1.03b loader to install 918+ into my j3455 machine and it has no /dev/dri file, so I was told to use the 1.04 loader. Here's my question: does updating the loader affect my data in the nas drivers? as in will I have to format my drivers after the loader update? do I need to backup my drivers or can I just update the loader directly? I have read the post it does teach how to update but doesnt say anything about data loss... thanks in advance!