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    DSM 5.0 + Nanoboot backup

    I am not sure of which files I need to copy to be able to set up an identical hyper-v environment with my configured dsm? Thanks in advance!
  2. DeeIsMee

    DSM 5.0 + Nanoboot backup

    Hi, I have been looking around for a quick and easy solution but can't figure it out. How can I take a quick backup of my DSM environment? I am using Hyper-V. I use physical disks so all I wanna backup is the actual image running my configured DSM OS. Does anyone know a simple way? Kind regards
  3. DeeIsMee

    Move pat and iso files

    Hi, I have a vm running nanoboot + DSM just fine but i just added a ssd to my server and would like to move the boot files. Is that possible? Thanks in advance!