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  1. I made some research and found that installation script inside provided spk file has missed some important functionality responsible for USB device enumeration and mounting to VirtualBox. Stock installation file for Linux systems (refer link below) creates rules for udev which are not applicable for Synology DSM. So, we need some startup script which can perform the same thing (gets the list of USB devices in Host system and provide info about them to script which is a part of VBox installation). Such operation should be performed every time when new device is attached to DSM. Also it is need to create group vboxusers and add root user to it. /proc/bus/usb should be mounted with correct permissions for vboxusers (/etc/rc should be patched). I manualy did such operations for USB flash with success. But fail for Web camera... May be somebody who is more familar with DSM and Linux scripting could take a look into this issue? Link to installer for linux
  2. I am not able to make USB available in guest OS. VBoxManage list usbhost Host USB Devices: vboxusers group is not created during installation. Manual creation of this group and adding admin user to it did not help. Any suggestions?
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    Synology DSM 5.0

    Скрин прикрепил [spoiler=]
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    Synology DSM 5.0

    У меня пишет, что не удалось протестировать камеру, хотя запись идет нормально. Имя пользователя и пароль у меня заполнены. Полагаю, что логи можно посмотреть через dmesg
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    Synology DSM 5.0

    Да, под интел. Денек погонял, вроде работает на DSM 5.0-4493. Единственно что, пришлось вручную создать файл /usr/syno/etc/rc.d/ и записать туда insmod /var/packages/webcam/target/v4l2-compat-ioctl32.ko insmod /var/packages/webcam/target/videodev.ko insmod /var/packages/webcam/target/uvcvideo.ko