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  1. Why does the 918+ install show 16 available slots when the real 918+ has only 4 bays? Is 16 the theoretical maximum using expansion bays?
  2. Looking for an update as well. Any one else try this? Looks like the OP disappeared.
  3. If I understood the process correctly, going back to the original image would mean that I have to install DSM/migrate the install. It is not a drop-in transparent back-up. If that is correct, can I shut down my NAS, pull out the boot USB drive and make a couple of clones so that I can plug in and pretend like nothing happened if current stick fails for whatever reason?
  4. Can I also use this tool to make a back up copy of the boot USB stick from a functioning DSM installation?
  5. Hello, Looking for input as to whether upgrading from 16 GB to 32GB has any significant advantages? Use case: Standard NAS for 3 home computers - (2 Mac + 1 PC) Running a few Docker containers Plex transcoding is rare, but potential use as DVR storage for Silicon Dust HD tuner. Current setup: ASRock J4105 with 16GB stick, one empty memory slot. 4 HDD in SHR. Running 1.04/918+ Additionally - the intel specs say that J4105 can hand max of 8GB RAM. However DSM seems to recognize the 16GB stick. How can I know if DSM is capable of using the full installed RAM? Thank you.
  6. Thank you.This is critical info. Then it is good to have a back up of my stick so that if this drive fails, I can replace and bring the NAS online quickly.
  7. Thank you for the clarification. I assumed this was similar to FreeNAS and you could remove the USB once the install is done. My bad - not reading carefully enough. So, does the USB flash drive have to stay on the NAS for ever?
  8. Thank you, Thank you. Yes, that was all it took - the modules from IG-88. I'm in business !!!
  9. Thank you for your pointer. I will try that. I thought these files were for encoding/decoding video so I did not pay much attention.
  10. Hello noob here, I read through a lot of the posts and it looks like the J4105 board is mentioned a lot as having no issues with installing and running DSM. However, I am stuck and have no clue how to proceed. System Details: MB: ASRock J4105 RAM: 1x16GB stick HDD: Seagate 2x2TB. Loader: 1.04b (no extras) DSM - 6.2.3 (25426) for 918+ I am able to boot into the boot loader and I can see the machine using Synology Assistant. Further I am able to install DSM to completion until it triggers the reboot. However, when I remove the install USB stick and reboot the machine now goes into the ASRock UEFI BIOS and can't exit since it can't find a boot device. The Hard Drives are listed in the SATA list, but don't show up in the boot options. Tried moving around the drives to different SATA ports, re-installing/migrating DSM - nothing has helped. On a side note - I was able to install FreeNAS and boot up from the same setup, so I do not think it is a hardware failure. Is there something I am completely missing? Any help would be appreciated. thank you.