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  1. At DSM7 sysnology limited package‘s root permission there is no openvm tool 4DSM7 so far, not sure if there will be in near future or further future.
  2. boot disk did not mount correctly, you need go to telnet mount manually or find out the right DiskIdxMap & SataPortMap args
  3. DS918p ESXI 7.0U3 vmxnet3 works fine, add vmxnet3 driver to loader
  4. DS918+ 7.0.1-42218 Update 1, works fine on my ESXI 7.0U3
  5. I solved my ESXI disk mapping problem according this post, you should check out
  6. Do some digging myself, according to this post modified to DiskIdxMap=0C00 SataPortMap=16 works for me perfect
  7. Recently I build my loader with RedPill-helper v0.12 add VMxnet3 and acpid, running at ESXI v7 platform physical SATA controller passthrough, booting with vdisk (IDE mode no V-SATA controller added) , install DSM pat file shows file corrupted, talent use fdisk command no boot related partitions found, define disk & port map NOT working just no disk drive warning. Then I try edit VM settings add a SATA controller(startup disk SATA mode, one v-SATA one on board SATA controller passthrough), all good. But at diskstation‘s storage manager physical slots all in unplug status disk number
  8. Yes! It's not bootable, and I noticed the v0.9 uefi boot files are different from v0.8 or other uefi bootable toolchain version.
  9. There is some thing wrong with v0.9 toolchain' UEFI boot, can not boot. Fallback to v0.8 uefi works fine.
  10. This adapter use Aquantia AQTION AQC107 chip, v0.13.3 may not support, ASUS provide Linux driver as source file , you could try use synology open source ToolChain build your own. For your reference,3617 has native support PCie adapters, 918 does not: UPDATE: just heard Synology offical 10GB adapter synology E10G18-T1 use the same Aquantia AQC107-B1 as asus ASUS XG-c100c, but i don't know if asus use Aquantia AQC107 OR Aquantia AQC107-B1 this chip has diffe
  11. why u do that? DO NOT replace those 2 files, just replace extra & extra2 and SN MAC if needed, rd.gz and zImage file may mod for expenology, try reburn your loader device just replace 2 extra files and edit sn mac
  12. Nope, when i test v0.13 and other driver version was useing LSI raid card , I wanna upgrade to 0.13.3 so I bought sff-8643 to 4sata cable directly connect on-board port.
  13. ASUS P10S-i board, yep, I have removed my LSI raid card, just use on board connector