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  1. not sure if this could be causing my issue. inside /lib/modules there is no bna.ko but inside /lib/modules/update there is? is there a process to apply these?
  2. Thank you @IG-88 ```!! still network limit in 1.04b loader for 918+ !!! atm 918+ has a limit of 2 nic's (as the original hardware) If there are more than 2 nic's present and you can't find your system in network then you will have to try after boot witch nic is "active" (not necessarily the onboard) or remove additional nic's and look for this after installation You can change the synoinfo.conf after install to support more then 2 nic's (with 3615/17 it was 8 and keep in mind when doing a major update it will be reset to 2 and you will have manually change this again, same as when you change for more disk as there are in jun's default setting) - more info's are already in the old thread about 918+ DSM 6.2.(0) and here https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/12679-progress-of-62-loader/?do=findComment&comment=92682 I might change that later so it will be set the same way as more disks are set by jun's patch - syno's max disk default for this hardware was 4 disks but jun's pach changes it on boot to 16!!! (so if you have 6+8 sata ports then you should not have problems when updating like you used to have with 3615/17) Basically what is on the old page is valid, so no sata_*, pata_* drivers Here are the drivers in the test version listed as kernel modules:``` I'm a little confused about this section of your guide, with the default Ethernet + the Brocade it would make 3 network interfaces. is it possible to extend on the 918+?
  3. Hey, hope this is allowed here I'm running DS918+ DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 2 and I've just put in a brocade 1020 and having no success in getting this working, has anyone else had issues or tried to use this card? Thank you
  4. having issues getting keyboard to working in BCU CLI any ideas?
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