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  1. right, perfect! I use this guide to edit the .vmx file and now it works. I add these lines: sata1:2.fileName = "/vmfs/volumes/606c624f-afde1541-9eb4-70106f3ed70c/DSM_622/DSM_622_1.vmdk" sched.sata1:2.shares = "normal" sched.sata1:2.throughputCap = "off" sata1:2.present = "TRUE" sata0:0.redo = "" sata1:2.redo = "" sata1:1.redo = "" sata1:0.redo = ""
  2. yes, i use a lsi controller and esxi 6.7 on hp gen8 with xeon
  3. Hi guys, sorry but I'm unable to add the 4th hdd to my working xpenology 6.22 on esxi 6.7. Then, I stop the virtual machine, then I edit the configuration, then I do add hdd, new hdd standard and here is an error. Yellow popup that says: "The disk size specified is greater than the amount available in the datastore. You cannot overcommit disk space when using a thick provisioned disk. You must increase the datastore capacity, or reduce the disk size before proceeding." Ok, in fact location is wrong. I set the right location to my new hdd previously prepared on the esxi 6.7 storage. I se
  4. my configuration includes a gen8 16gb ram xeon e3-1265l v3, esxi 6.7 standard on usb pendrive, ssd on the odd port as datastore and 4 hdd wd red 4tb in front. the problems are low network performance (fast start but then it becomes a snail) and low data transfer (hdd always 100% overload). i tried to change the hp scsi driver to an old one but with no useful result. today I try to use esxi 7 maybe they solved something otherwise or I buy the asmedia controller or I buy a sas lsi megaraid controller it mode
  5. Good! Same situation for me, but if i want to run 3 xpenology (2 ipcam for vm) e 1 win10 for torrent emule download, can i passthrought 1 hdd at time to every vm? thnx
  6. Hi! I have some problems to run four dsm on esxi 6.7. Do you think should i change the mac address? to connect to the dsm via firefox i have to do several attempts unless you connect immediately after the restart of the virtual machine. with synology assistant I find only the latest dsm that I restarted. if i had to change the mac address for each virtual machine, both in the grub.cfg file and in the virtual network card setting, then will dsm work regularly? sorry for my english. thanks.