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    Package centre - Server busy

    hi, for some reason i can't message you as I'm still new... can you send me a message maybe?
  2. rockuman_ex

    Package centre - Server busy

    can someone please help me on this? Do i really need to re-setup my n54l again?
  3. Can someone please help me. My package centre (build 4458) stops working now. For some reason it keeps saying "Server is busy". I tried adding custom path: same thing. And I have set the DNS to google's and, same thing Set the DNS to my ISP's, same thing Set the DNS to auto, same thing. It used to work no problem, I could download files using torrents no problem. I can access the server outside of my network no problem. Everything is working fine, except Package Centre. The last thing I did was adding a serial number on the server, but after that I could still access the package centre, when a few days later, out of a sudden, I couldn't. Can some one help?