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  1. Hi, everyone !! I'm new in all this Xpenology and DSM stuff so I would like to say thanks to all developers, testers and users that writes tutorials and helps to newbies like me. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I've a baremetal hardware with a J3455-ITX mobo and I have DSM 6.2.3 - 918+ (1.04b loader). I have some network problems, unstable and slow network transmissions. In order to discard wired network problems I've tried the same file with an old intel laptop and everything looks fine. I tried another pci ethernet gigabit (chipset Realtek RTL8111G) but I had the same results. Then, I red that the J3455-ITX mobo can have some problems with 1.04b loader and 918+ so I would like to test it with 6.2.2 - 3615+ (1.03b loader). I have some data in my Hard drives that I would l