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  1. I think im going to stick with 5.2 then at this rate as nothing seems to work to load 6.2 or higher. I would really like it to be more up to date, but all the new loaders after XPEnology are rubbish and dont work.
  2. To be brutally honest with you. If you read my reply it states I can't find a single post about it. The search feature on this site is about as good as a chocolate teapot. Every person on here has stated to use the search feature like i havent already tried that. I wouldnt make a post about something if I couldnt find an post about it already would I. The search is pretty much useless as it just searches for each individual word. You might as well search for the work "The" on wikipedia.
  3. How do I install the extra.lzma I have tried installing a second nic but i cant find a single post which tells you how to install the extra.lzma many posts on how to obtain it but none on how to install and use it. Could you point me in the right direction ?
  4. I have followed this guide but am unable to see my diskstation on the network using synology assistant or IP scanner. Any suggestions on why that might be ?
  5. Ive gone through everything in the guide provided and its still not showing on the network.
  6. why make the new installation method for 6.2 so complicated compared to the 5.2 installer. and not provide that link when downloading teh 6.2 iso thanks for this i will try it later. also this isnt the loader development thread. this is the noob lounge lol
  7. really active forum. Thanks guys Heard good things about this forum and quick sub 20 minute responses. but guess not.
  8. Ive now tried 6.1 also and get the same problem. Why cant it be seen on the network ? Im using a HP Micro Server Gen 8 I would rather not have to use 5.2 which does work. but I cant seem to create iscsi targets or nfs shares ?
  9. Hello, I am trying to install this using the latest version from here I installed the .img file onto a usb with win32 disk imager, and booted it, However I get to the screen which says go to however it cant find anything. What am I doing wrong ?