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  1. i am using the one included in the zip DS3615xs 6.0.2 Jun's Mod V1.01 on OP is there newer version?
  2. ok was not a problem with volume at all....i also moved the shared folder to the other volume, this was making problems.
  3. i installed on my intel nuc esxi 6.7 before summer, using DSM_DS3617xs_23739.pat and OP steps without problems, added only one storage disk. now i needed to move the storage drive in another location and finally i messed up, so removed the storage drive and made another one (i did not touch the VM or the synoboot drive). Now i have to install dsm again but i am forced to install DSM_DS3617xs_25426 (says 23739 is too old) when i do the setup, but it always fails at 60% saying the file is broken (which is not). I have the pat downloaded on pc, and i did not modify grub or lan settings since first installation.
  4. hello, should be an easy task but i can not understand... i have xpenology installed on esxi 6.7 (God bless snapshots), i am running out of space on the physical drive where i store the volume1. so i created another virtual disk on external usb drive, a new storage pool and a new volume2 where i moved installed apps and all shared folders. After deleting volume1 and rebooting is asked to install DSM and configure system like is new. As i know DSM in mirrored on all installed disks (for synology nas) but looks like is different with virtual environment (?) Tried to change the sata setting for virtual machine but without any luck. any idea? now i reverted to previous state but steel need to make the job as need to free space on the disk. thanks
  5. edit: sorry wrong forum, i will post in virtual installation section
  6. hello, is there any alternative link for vm tools? the website on op doesn't work.
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