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    GIGABYTE J1800N-D2H USB ports

    I'm considering one of the ASRock boards, they seem to offer more for the money. One question I have, that would concern all J1900 boards, concerns the USB configuration. I know the 1900 has a great many USB2 ports, what I want to know though is how they are arranged, that is, what does the Universal Serial Bus Controllers list in Device manager look like. Does any one who has the Q1900-ITC, Q1900DC-ITX or Q1900TM-ITX be able to share that info? What I'm looking for is the number of USB Host Contopllers. I know some boards have a Renesys cihp for USB3. The reason I am asking id that I have a USB-S/PDIF converter, which accepts input from a USB2 port, and works much better if it's the only device on that controller. I won't be adding much else, just a kbd and mouse (wireless). If there are more than on Host Controllers I'd be very happy This's meant to be a dedicated audio HTPC. BTW the USB sound device is a DXIO PRO 3, it gives wonderful sound, very clean and among the best I've heard. I'd very highly recommend them, especially over onboard sound, no matter the chip. There's no coincidence that manufacturers have tried shielding, daughter boards, 'audio only' sections of motherboard. This gets the signal out of that environment as quick as it can, via USB. TIA Rob