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  1. I tried to access the volume via ubuntu ... I managed to access it as shown in the attached image. However I would love to get my DSM system back to normal. Maybe change some setting to restore the volume to normal. But I don't know how, not even if it is possible now that the volume is broken. Thank you very much!
  2. Hi IG-88 Thanks a lot for your message. I have only 10hds... 5 on motherboard + 5 on controller. I was actually planning to migrate from shr1 to shr2. So I went to check the raid configuration and the migration was gray. However, I made the settings in synoinfo.conf to reactivate SHR before installing DSM and everything was ok. However today when I went to check the raid to migrate it was gray and I updated synoinfo.conf again in version 25426. I reinitialized DSM and after that it went into migration mode. I was only able to raise the DSM by reinstalling PAT 25423
  3. I have a huge problem ... After I migrated my ds3617 to version 25426. After restarting the synology it returned with volume failure. Since I had no problems with hard drives and I noticed that 3 hard drives did not go into volume when the system went up? Is there any way to get my volume back to normal. I have a lot of data in the system.
  4. Great! I was worried about breaking my data with the loss of the SHR configuration. So flyride Can I update manually without fear. And change the settings after reboot. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi! I searched a lot about this topic on the forum but without success. So I come to ask for help. I am looking to update my version 6.1 to 6.2.3. However I am using the DS3617xs with SHR on 12 HDs. However to use SHR I had to activate it in the settings. Can I do the manual update normally to 6.2.3? Do I need to do any configuration backups before updating? What exactly is the process to update in this case, if it were RAID it would be fine but SHR how to do? Thanks in advance.