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    How to freshly install XPEnology on a PC

    Try Poechi's tutorial... just use the transation if needed
  2. Seems my culprit is the PCI Sil3124... I've replaced it with LSI 9211-8i and its working fine now. I've done two scrubs and it did not hang
  3. Anyone got issues with data scrubbing? Mine would not complete it just hangs there (console not blinking and not responding) I think I got a similar issue where I wanted to expand (adding 1 more HDD), it just hang also until it wouldn't recover I had to restart. I've got DSM 5.0 4493 update 2 with 6 HDDs Q6600 P5KPL-VM 2GB memory 6xHDDs Sil3134 RAID card
  4. mheloy

    HELP Please CRASHED state

    Thanks... Schnapps...
  5. mheloy

    HELP Please CRASHED state

    Sorry about that. I've edited it Tnx
  6. mheloy

    HELP Please CRASHED state

    Hi, I have a Nano Boot DSM 5.0-4493 running in an old desktop. Initially I was running this with 3x500GB, 1TB and 1.5TB in SHR2 (SHR2 because I be using 12Drives in this volume soon) After I was happy running the initial setup I decided to move my 5x2TB from N40L running FlexRAIDF-FS. Of course I backup this first 2 volumes and moved the 2 volumes plus the parity drive to the old desktop. So I expanded the existing volume by adding the 3 x 2TB HDD. I left it overnight but when I checked in the morning, the GUI is not responding, the console is not responding , SSH not connecting. Nothing is working. So I decided to press the RESET Buttong (I should have not done this). After it boots up, it shows a CRASHED state and I was like S#%##@#T I noticed the HDD LED is still on but STEADY. but again after a few mins the GUI not responding, Console not responding and SSH not connecting either. Can I assume its still rebuilding? Will just have to give it time? How long should this rebuild will take place? I would to have this recover because I will lose about 100GB of Data if I decide to start over. I deleted some files in the Flexraid volume because I already have a copy of it in the NanoBoat volume. I would like to get it back if I can.
  7. mheloy

    LSI 9211-8i kernel issues

    Awesome... will order soon...but I have a different problem at the moment. Will post a new topic
  8. mheloy

    LSI 9211-8i kernel issues

    Hi, Is the LSI LSI 9211-8i usable for the Nanoboot- DSM 5.0-4493 I'm planning to buy one soon, and will be used in my PROD XPEnology running out of ports
  9. Hi, Would like to thank nanoboot for this fantastic project and all his effort into this. Thanks Just like to ask if the LSI 9211-8i will have problems with this version of Nanoboot (4493) -