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  1. Hy, at first I want to say thank you to all who are involved to get a working loader and a guide which makes it possible to install the loader. For me nearly everything works fine except two things: After installing DSM where I was asked the first time to create a user account and password I used a password with letters and numbers. Then comes an error message like “It was not possible to change the admin password” and I was not able to access DMS anymore. My account wasn´t created and the default user “admin” was disabled. So I had no chance to log in. After cleaning the HDD´s and a new installation I used a password only with letters. This worked fine. Now I was able to create user accounts, activate root access, and I changed the password to a password with letters, numbers and special characters. The second thing is that I have a Promise Supertrak EX8760T SAS/S-ATA Raid controller in an ASUS P8H77 mainboard which doesn´t work with the actual loader. With XPEnoboot 5.2-5967.1 the controller was working fine. Is there any chance to include the drivers into the actual / next loader? Thanks to all.