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  1. Maybe a strange question, but is it possible to remove everything from the driver package except the drivers for hardware transcoding? My RAID controller runs without the additional drivers without problems, with the driver extensions I have no more SMART values and no TRIM support for the SSDs. But without the driver extensions i have no possibility for hardware transcoding so /dev/dri is missing. I tried to combine the original extra.lzma and the extra.lzma from IG-88 but I think I don't know enough about linux drivers because DSM couldn't boot after that.
  2. This is what i get from the console output when using v.11 : After this, it promps me to install DSM and I see it only detected 1 Drive, which is what would happen if none of the Drives on the LSI Controller are detected. And just in case it helps somehow, the dmesg log from booting with 0.10 (relevant stuff should start at 2.830538 i think) :
  3. I haven't found out anything xpenology specific for dmesg or how to set it up. I haven't set up serial console, but found instructions on how to do that and will report back when i gathered the log. As i'm currently running on 0.10 : Is it enough to just replace the 0.10 files with 0.11, or anything additional required for upgrading from 0.10 to 0.11?
  4. I've got a Problem with the driver extensions. Im using v0.10 because v0.11 wont recognize any drive on my hardware SAS controller, v0.10 does recognize them but doesn't display SMART Values and disabled TRIM for the SSD Drives. With the stock driver set of DSM 6.2.3 the SAS controller works and reports SMART Values. Modell is : LSI SAS9220-8i (patched to IT Mode) set to PCI-E Passthrough in VMWare ESXI. Any Advice what to do or additional information i should provide?
  5. @pmchan Below some BIOS settings might be relevant : VT-d is enabled Internal Graphics : Auto DVMT pre-Allocated : 64M DVMT Total GFX Memory : MAX --EDIT-- And something i forgot : I think it was important to disconnect any Monitor from the onboard graphics adapter before booting the esxi machine.
  6. No Problem, glad to help. No SMART does not work. Interrestion though : it did work just after the 6.2.3 Update without any extra files. How can i copy the whole command line from htop? Its very long. I can tell you it includes -init_hw_device vaapi=vad1:/dev/dri/renderD128 and -hwaccel_device:v:0 /dev/dri/renderD128 Board is a Gigabyte H370 HD3. Cant look up if VT-D is enabled right now. Will do later.
  7. THANK YOU ! This was the solution! Boots successfully and HW Transcoding is working : /dev/dri/ is there and Emby correctly detects its encoding capabilities and uses them as the following log shows: >>>>>> FindVideoEncoder - Media: h264, UseHardwareCodecs: True, Mode: Custom Info Checking: 'VAAPI Intel Corporation Device 16016 [1] - H.264 (AVC)' Info Check successful - selecting 'VAAPI Intel Corporation Device 16016 [1] - H.264 (AVC)'
  8. How to do that? DSM boots up as it was never installed before, so my admin credentials do not work. Are there default credentials?
  9. @flyride I didnt know this was actually such a big deal and many people achived this. I had it working yes, with 6.2.3 its gone so i can't demonstrate it. Or is there a possibility to Downgrade? @pmchan I actually didn't do anything special. I set the "Intel VGA compatible controller" to passthrough and added it to the XPEnology VM. After booting up i got dev/dri & HW Transcoding. I tried that, but my Passthrough LSI Controller disappears that way. I can try a seperate VM later without its own controller, but still need to get that controller working. Furthermore,
  10. I think i need some help here. I've updated to DSM 6.2.3 and lost the hardware transcoding feature. Hardware Setup : ESXI 6.7U3 with Intel(R) Pentium(R) Gold G5400 LSI SAS9220-8i Controller IT Mode (Passthrough) Intel VGA (Passthrough) I've never used driver extensions on 6.2.2 so i thought the instructions said just replace the extra & extra2.lzma on the 2nd Partition in synoboot.img. I did that, but this way DSM doesn't see any of the Drives attached to the LSI Controller. What did i do wrong?