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  1. Hi Everyone, Today I was an idiot. Last few DSM updates went smoothly so I was confident that today would be no different. After the update i could not connect to the DSM and when i connect a screen this is all I see. Is there any way to save this situation/data/setup? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I am having some issues getting this setup. Do you have any good resources that might help me get this up and running? I am trying to run the container using instantlinux/nut-upsd:latest. My logs show Any chance you encountered such an issue? Sorry if this is a noob question
  3. Thank you for your response. My UPS is only connected via USB. Where would I find the checkboxes you are referring to? These are the options I have in my "UPS" tap in the control panel.
  4. Hello, I am trying to connect a UPS to my system via USB. When I boot the DSM and connect the UPS I am able to see it in the control panel. I am able to see device properties and everything. When I "Enable UPS" and hit "apply" thinks for a while and then I get an error "Cannot connect to the network UPS server" After that error the DSM says "Device Information: No UPS connected" even though It is connected. When I disconnect and reconnect the UPS I get a notice in the notification center. I have attached images of all the diffe
  5. After running another "quick scan" the status turned to warning Then I pressed the "Suppress drive warning" in the drive health overview. That seemed to cure the drive and it is mounted as SSD Cache once again. Thanks again
  6. I failed again Tomorrow there is a scheduled "extended test" If it fails that as well Ill just disconnect it and try testing it on another system. Thank you again!
  7. After a very long day at work it is very nice to come home to some good news! This drive is not part of any volume and is not in a storage pool. I was under the impression that DSM was installed on it, so I just set part of it as SSD Cache and that's it. I thought the drive was going to die and take my NAS with it so I quickly removed the SSD Cache to reduce the drive usage. Looking at the S.M.A.R.T results nothing seems bad or maybe i just don't understand what I'm looking at. I have attached some more screenshots, maybe you can see something t
  8. Hi All, I am relevantly new to the project, and here goes my first post. Hope it goes well I have installed the DS918+ a few months ago. Against all the warnings, I installed version DSM 6.2.3-25423 Everything was going great. I created a volume, good Installed some packages, good Drive in volume died, replaced drive, all was good (this happened twice) Now I face an issue which kind of scares me. An SSD which is not part of any volume is failing. I don't remember the setup process 100%. I think t