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  1. On your local networked PC, open a URL browser, type ""
  2. I'm an IT contractor to a Chiropractic Clinic in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. I installed Jun' Loader 1.03b on an old Dell PowerEdge T110 via USB, followed all the instruction using Xpenology Tool v1.42. I installed an Intel 1gB quad port NIC, 10gB Mellanox Connect-X2. After a day of reading on Forum, I finally installed and updated to DSM 6.2-24922, everything was working after I updated to critical update 6, restart and shutdown stopped working. This is just a test machine, so I updated to the latest DSM 6.23-25423, it works!; except the restart & shutdown functionality. I am looking to get a Synology product, DS918+, in a month after some tests on "File Services". Thanks for all the good work!!!