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  1. That was it omg!!! I can't believe it, this drive was from 2015, didnt believe that was it but it's working now! Thank you so much!!! You wouldn't believe all the crap I've been through trying to get this to work, from getting incorrect sas cards shipped to me, to the compatibility problem, to the bios to the 3.3v thanks so much I still cant believe it's working! Could have never figured this out without you!! I honestly cant believe I could reasonably stack 3 of these cards with 8 10tb drives each for not that much money in my old gaming systems...pretty cool
  2. Yes the 8tb I have is a white label, this might be it!!
  3. Hmmm this is interesting! Maybe this is what's happening. "I purchased similar HGST drives off of ebay, the seller did not realize that they were from an enterprise datacenter raid array and when they got to me they were recognized by my LSI raid controller however the controller could do nothing with them. I tried multiple controllers (make and models) with the same result. The sellers IT guys said, "they must be encrypted", I said.... "it is the firmware"... end result, I shipped them back, they tried to get them working on could not so I was offered a full refund (minus the shippin
  4. Wow that's amazing that list shows my drives should be supported but yeah 2 of them over 2tb dont come on...I got them used off ebay I assume they came from servers...I'll check that 3.3v thing...I'm not sure where that would be on the drive I'll have to look it up. No but the 6405e sees the drives it just says they're not compatible in the bios. The lsi doesnt see the drives at all.
  5. I have an adaptec 6405e which definitely doesnt. It wont recognize anything over 2tb. It at least will show the larger drive though and says it's not compatible. This card doesnt even register the drives as being plugged in, which i agree might point to something else going on.
  6. i have 2 2tb drives on a different older controller i guess i need to see if it will detect those as the next step, i guess i got another controller that cant work with 8tb drives which is what i need it for..any suggestions on one that will work with 8tb hgst drives? I'm having a devil of a time.
  7. I got into the configuration utility, it appears that it didnt detect my drives at all, I have an 8tb and 4tb sas drive. I also didnt see a setting to switch it to jbod tho?
  8. I installed the IT firmware on my x58 system, it now shows a boot bios and a little rotating cursor like I'm used to on other sas cards but when I try to enter the configuration utility and press control c it just boots straight into windows. It appears that it says it doesnt recognize the drive i've put on it which is a 4tb hitatchi..... This message flashes very briefly before it goes into windows...i was lucky i saw it at all on like my 4th boot attempt. i bought these cards cause they were supposed to recognize 8tb drives...not sure whats going on...even if it didnt recognize the drive
  9. I have two of them, one installed in an old x58 mobo and another in a x299 evga ftw k I havent tried to boot to anything other than windows 8.1 and 10 yet to try to interface with the cards as suggested....I was happy in that post someone said that it should work and I was pretty perturbed that it didnt just pop up like my other sas card has, but it's a pci x1 sas card that is in a proper worked fine. This is the first time i've tried to run an x8 card in an x16 slot, and worried that's the issue. So you think flash it to jbod/it mode should work? I guess i'll tr
  10. Hi, I found these forums cause this was one of the only links I could find to my problem on google. Basically the same issue but I have mine plugged into x16 slots on two different gaming systems and they're not being detected at all. do you think this is a bios issue or is something else going on with these cards? I only have one server to test them which i plan to do to see if they'll be recognized.. The bios sees the card I can see it in the uefi, but i see no boot loader or any other detection when the computer boots like i've seen with other sas cards, and i'm