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    Restart during Volume resize

    I'm thinking along the same lines, re do it. Especially while there is an easily manageable amount of data on it. Was hoping someone had an understanding of what the process of what it actually does at a technical level. But no biggie, I'll blow it away and start again.
  2. Rochefort

    ESXi: Sharing space to other VMs

    I have esx setup on an N54l. VM's on an SSD, with the mechanical disks presented directly to the XPEnology VM. I've got another ArchLinux VM setup with sab and all that stuff that uses CIFS and I see 100MB/s transfers so its not slow. SAB uses the SSD for the download cache before copying it over to whichever share on XPEnology is relevant.
  3. Rochefort

    Restart during Volume resize

    Hi Guys, I'm running XPEnology in a VM on ESX.. Yesterday I added 2 disks and UPS to my N54L, presented the 2 disks as raw to the XPEnology VM and fired it up.. Did the usual, go in to storage manager, then added the disks and it happily started resizing the volume.. All well and good. So i hop in to my 2012 vm, install the UPS management stuff start playing with scripts and what not and being a totally bloody idiot, accidently hard restarted my synology VM instead of another one . So I quickly restart it, hop in to it and its doing a parity check.. All well and good, so left that running over night etc.. etc.. So it finally finishes the parity check and status is green, but the original 2tb mirrored SHR volume is there, and it hasn't continued expanding the volume. I go back in to storage manager --> manage and I can no longer add the disks, but I can use all available free space for the SHR volume.. So i select that option, it completed almost instantly and the volume is now 5.42tb in size as expected.( 4 x 2tb's) Is this volume shagged or does the parity check essentially do the same task as adding the disks and increasing the size of the volume? I'm running a check again to see if it throws me an error. I'd rather not have to copy off 1tb of data to blow it away and recreate the volume and all the shares again, but hey.. If thats what I have to do, its what I have to do. Thanks