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  1. UP! I have found this error in my log and it is a recurrent error, since I restored my DS916+'s data with HyperBackup. There was an error restoring Moments and I finally gave up and installed Moments from scratch. However and fortunately, all my data was still there as all the "homes" directories and files were restored from HyperBackup. Please check the following error from my log: Warning System 25/08/2020 04:41:44 SYSTEM Checksum mismatch on file [/volume1/@database/pgsql/base/29914/11776.1]. Please help me. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I am having an issue with my Xpenology where I cannot backup it completely with Hyper Backup. Indeed, I am having a: "Failed to backup application Moments. System error". I just do not know what to do in order to fix it. No one has the same problem on the Internet. Here are some information: SHR Volume with SSD Read-only Cache. The backup location is an external Seagate Barracuda HDD 6TBs. I have run some SMART tests and other health tests on the external drive and no problem was found. More information: DS3617xs Intel Xeon E5-2630L V3 (8 cores, 16 threats) 32 GBs DDR4 RAM ECC 2133Mhz DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 2 June Loader 1.03 Total capacity 19TBs (SHR with 4HDDs) 1TB SSD cache with 2 Samsung SSDs (Raid 0, Read-only cache) Please find attached the journal/logs of Hyper Backup and please help me. Thank you,
  3. Well my cache is only at 34%, so it is not full. I would expect at least 450MB/s. Do you think the 34% is impacting my SSDs perf that much? Yes, I understand. Thank you for explaining me that. I have read the link and understand the problem much better. Yes, the cache is risky. That is why I only chose to have SSD read-only cache as I am afraid of data corruption.
  4. So my "WD80EFZX" is the slowest... I see. Will a read/write SSD cache help? Oh yes, that is a very interesting advantage. However, I was looking for flexibility and speed. Based on my research a few years back, I think SHR is faster than RAID 5. I will look further into that. Nevertheless, I have run single disk benchmarks and it looks like my drives have good speed according to their theoretical ones. However, my SSDs do not at all! Please refer to the attached screenshots. Is it normal? What should I do? I am using them for SSD cache read only and I ensured nothing was using my disks during the benchmarks. I verified if the SATA ports on my motherboard is SATA 3 and not. It 100% is. Furthermore, my benchmarks speed went back to normal after a shut down and reboot. Only the SSDs are slow. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I am noticing that my SHR volume with 6 drives (2 SSDs, and 4 HDDs) and with a 1TB SSD read-only cache is very slow, especially when running a virtual machine. Please find attached a screenshot and details of my drives and some benchmarks, which show some very disappointing results. I just do not know how to make it fast. I should get at least normal HDDs speed. SHR seems to be a Synology version of RAID 5, which is fast compared to a single HDD. However, it is very slow. More information: DS3617xs Intel Xeon E5-2630L V3 (8 cores, 16 threats) 32 GBs DDR4 RAM ECC 2133Mhz DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 2 June Loader 1.03 Total capacity 19TBs (SHR with 4HDDs) 1TB SSD cache with 2 Samsung SSDs (Raid 0, Read-only cache) Is it normal ? Can you please let me know what I should do to get "normal" speed? PS: I ran SMART Quick Test and no drives have problems. There are also no bad sectors.
  6. Dear Users, I have just migrated from a DS 916+ to XPenology for my needs. Everything went succesfully but... I lost all my data (i. e., configuration, users, applications, etc.). My hard drives (SHR volume) are fine! Fortunately, I have a backup I ran daily with an external HDD and HyperBackup. It saved all my configuration settings and also my application, such as Synology Drive and Moments. However, my external HDD is in exFAT so it is not usable with xpenology. I tried "", but it did not work. Maybe it even made my system faulty with some issues as I tried uninstalling it. So, I am trying to copy all the data to a second HDD with NTFS. The problem is I have more than 8TBs of backup and a very very slow HDD as a backup (used for archive). I get 10Mb/s even with write cache on Windows 10 and Terracopy. It will take DAYYYYYSSS. Thus, I tried to avoid this process and share the USB Drive with Windows 10 and mount it using CIFS in Synology. It works great, but Hyper Backup does not detect it (maybe because of the exfat Github thing I tried). It is saying no directories available under "Relink an existing task" in Hyper Backup. Please refer to the attached screenshots. I just do not know how to get my data (configs and applications) back... My DS 916+ is untouched except for the HDDs that are used in the new Xpenology. Is there any way to do it faster and get my users, configuration, applications (Moments' data and configs) back? Please let me know! Thank you so very much
  7. I just succeeded by testing the third extra.lzma ( and waiting 2 hours. Thank you!
  8. It does not work. I replaced it with two different extra.lzma ( and Unfortunately, it does not work. I cannot detect it in any way. However, I can detect it with the original exra.lzma when I create a new USB. Do you have any idea? Btw, is it bad to force the reboot with all the drives connected? There are a lot of data there in SHR from my old Synology and I hope nothing will happen. Please help me. Thanks,
  9. Thank you for your help. I have used the XPEnology Tool to download the 1.03b and have made the USB again. I then had access to the webpage and could again click on "recovery", but it seems like the problem is still occurring after it restarted for recovery. I cannot ping the machine and cannot find anything on Synology Assistant. It has been already 20 minutes now. Do you have any idea? Thank you!
  10. PS: It is a baremetal installation with the latest DSM version (DSM_DS3617xs_25426.pat). I have been letting the "restoring process" for hours now and no news. Nmap does not show any host now. The two LAN port (RTL8125 and Intel XXXX) do not work. I mean they do not allow me to get any web page to do anything. The DHCP server does not show any new lease. Should I force the reboot and risk damaging my disks again? Please help me
  11. Dear Members, I had DS916+ with 4 disks in SHR (30TBs) and have been trying to migrate to a customized server with a Huanzhi X99 D8 and E5 2630lV3 with 32GBs of DDR4 RAM. Therefore, I followed the step for "DS3617xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b.img" and prepared a USB 2.0 flash drive. I inserted it to the workstation and the first boot was fine. I could ping the New DS and find it on Synology Assistant after 60 seconds. I went to (I binded the IP and MAC Address with the DHCP server) and could see the web page which indicated me to migrate, which I did. Then, I manually installed the .pat file for DS3617xs which made it reboot through the web page. When it rebooted, nothing happened for at least 10 minutes. I tried ping -t and checking synology assitant. Nothing... Thus, I tried to force the reboot many times and waited for 10 minutes every time before pinging. Nothing worked. Hence, I recreated the USB drive with the img and redid the steps. This time, the web page indicated me "Try to recover" or something like this, which I did. It then rebooted the machine and it has been an hour since then and nothing has happened yet. I cannot ping, see anything in Synology Assistant, and access any web page. It is stuck on "Intro: This mod is brought to you by Jun... Happy hacking... Screen will stop updating shortly, please open to continue." I just do not know what to do next. May you please help me? It is very important for me not to lose any data despite having a cold backup. Thank you!
  12. Thank you so much for your advice. I will follow it and go with the 3617 to have 16 threats. Then, I will use SATA SSD. Only one will be used for read-only caching. As a heavy Moments user, I believe it will help. My DS916+ is too slow! I am a little bit worried for the reliability of my hardware, especially as I will replace a DS916+. Thanks for the ESXI suggestion, but I do not think NVMe will change a lot as a home user. So, I will use SATA SSD. It should already be great!
  13. Thanks for your messages. You are fully right! It is indeed a Realtek 8125. I actually went for a 35 USD used Xeon. 8cores 16threats which is pretty good for this price with a really good TDP of 55 watts. My budget is pretty low but I wanted something reliable with strong performance. Actually my question was: Should I go with the DS3617xs hardware version loader according to my hardware or another one? My aim is to get NVMe caching on read-only. Thank you