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  1. Finally good news, Just got this old PC that the spec is not bad. http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/Com ... l/3707388/ HP Compaq Presario SR5490CF Micro Tower Product #K310AA-AB4 Processor : Intel Core2quad E6700 (can be upgraded to any core2Duo or Core2Quad with FSB 1333 Maximum memory : 4 GB (2 slot DDR-2 800) 1 PATA connectors 4 SATA-2 connectors Ethernet : FAST ETHERNET Realtek RTL8201CL (only this not satisfied, only fast ethernet 10/100 Mbps , NOT GIGABIT ). Motherboard spec (foxconn OEM) http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/Com ... c01357119/ Bios : Phoenix 5.08 (Dated 25 Dec 2007) CONFIRMED NO CMOS RESET. Schedule shutdown ok. Schedule Wake up : Working FINE (no need any changes, it just work Out Of The BOX) but got CMOS Reset. Note : the good news is event with error message CMOS RESET this PC just keep rebooting from thumbdrive Wahahahahahaha SUPER DAMN NICE !!!!!!
  2. Hi all, I do understand the problem with power setting. Problem is this is totally brand new setting. So the power manager on the DSM is totally EMPTY. Again the symptom of CMOS reset still there. Finally i got 1 motherboard that confirm no CMOS RESET. It is an old motherboard my friend gave me. He took it from 1 of oldie HP compaq PC. Since the motherboard itself don't have any label printing for model, etc so i don't have a clue from HP Compaq PC he took this mobo. But i am 100% positive that this mobo come from a very old HP compaq. Becoz this mobo spec is damn lousy : - Socket 775 Only support oldie P4 531 - Chipset old Intel 915 - Got Sata-2 only got 2 SATA ports - Memory DDR-2 only support up to 2GB/ - BIOS is AMI Surprisingly using this Mobo to boot Xpenoboot, NO CMOS RESET !!!! Again i itchy hand, testing the wake up and yes the CMOS Reset happen again, but this is not important for me as i can use other method to wake up the PC. So Xpenology is really depend on the motherboard itself. Problem is support for Xpenoboot only very super limited to certain Mobo. So far my opinion for the supported MOBO : - Must be old version , support only for core2duo or maybe older. i think for i3 with UEFI forget it, it will not run nicely. - Must have AMI BIOS (not 100% Guarantee can run also) Again i did a test using a branded PC that CONFIRMED CANNOT BOOT EXPENOLOGY USB thumbdrive : - Lenovo Thinkcentre A58 - machine type 7705 - Processor : Core2Duo E8400 - Memory DDR2- 2GB (or 4 GB) - Chipset Intel G41 - Latest Lenovo Bios - built in LAN card Marvel (tested disabled it and using Realtek or intel also same) - using internal SATA ==> not working, blank screen - Disable SATA and using IBM HBA 1015 (reflashed the bIOS to IT mode) ==> also not working, blank screen. - Disable everything, those serial, printer port, etc== > also only got blank screen - Confirmed got AMI bios (DAMN, i though i got the jackpot coz this mobo got AMI BIOS). Symptom : boot using Xpenology USB only have BLANK Screen, nothing. I thought this PC got bug so cannot boot from USB but i boot using Lenovo PC doctor (burned to USB) can boot nicely. Note : in the bios, this Lenovo PC doctor USB thumbdrive somehow detected as Hard disk, but Xpenoboot USB detected as "removable Drive". i think this stupid Lenovo can only boot certain USB thumbdrive that formated to emulate hard disk. Forgive me if i say wrong thing as i am not a programmer. the funny thing is from this link http://forum.synology.com/wiki/index.ph ... y_NAS_have You can see that the original DS3615xs actually is using Intel Core i3-4130 , and i think all those i3, i5, i7 are using UEFI BIOS. I never see any that still using old bios from phoenix, award, ami ,etc. All lenovo since i3,i5,i7 oldest version already using AMI Aptio UEFI Bios. Maybe synology developer somehow managed to code/program their own bios with old AMI ? KUDOS to them then LOL
  3. Today i just tested the latest Xpenoboot with 2 motherboards : - Biostar motherboard (T-Power i45) ,AMI BIOS ==> Xpenoboot totally cannot boot, just hang. - HP compaq 8000 Elite Micro tower , not sure what bios ==> got CMOS RESET I think (if possible) we requested the developer of Xpenoboot to quickly resolve this CMOS RESET Problem. It is just plain HARD to test every motherboard that is compatible (No CMOS RESET) with Xpenoboot.
  4. Dear All, I tried latest Nanoboot with latest DSM , These 2 mobo also got Bios auto Reset (Tried with both onboard SATA and IBM ServeRaid M1015 flashed to IT Mode) : - Compaq Proliant ML110 Gen4 - Lenovo Thinkcentre A55 - Model 9265 Don't have time to test other mobos. Will try again this weekend. Btw tested with NAS4Free and got no problem at all.