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  1. I see your signature listing an Xeon cpu as your setup. I have 2 Xeon E5-2630 on hand, is this a better option? something i should consider?
  2. Oh, thats a bummer. thanks for your reply
  3. the cpu is Intel Core i7 2600k(2nd gen) Im not sure what Loader, where can i find this info? DSM systeminfo says DS3615xs. System info also lists my cpu as Intel i3-4130, no idea why. Im currently running DSM 6.1-15047. Im not sure if its safe to update. I hade 5.8 version for a while, and needed a clean install to get 6.1
  4. Hi bearcat, I have Plex Pass, And the GPU is a Nvidia GTX 970. Im using a i7 cpu, but its listed as i3 in the systeminfo in DSM
  5. So, i installed DSM 6.1-15047 with Jun's a while ago, on my old PC. But it doesnt seem like Plex encoding is using GPU. Is there any fix for this?