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  1. Hi, Ages ago I had ps3netsrv running on my nas but I deleted. I want to set it up again and I remember at the time I had to download a .spk file from somewhere to install it. Does anyone know where I can get this file again from please or if you have it can you send it to me as I can’t seem to find it anymore. Cheers Johno
  2. thanks guys. got it all back up and running now. thanks very much for your help! By the way does anybody know if a sony ps3 play tv tuner will work with this now as it wouldn't when i was running 5644?? can I roll it back to 5644 if I wish or is it too hard??
  3. I was running xpenology 5644 on my n54l but i found today my son went into the web gui for it and pressed update and tried to update it to dms6. now i can't access the drives at all and synology assistant won't work. it says i'm on version 6.1-15152 and status migratable. i can't access the drives over my network and i can't access them over synology assitant etc. what do i need to do to fix this? (i would like to go back to 5644 but if I can't I'll do whatever). have I lost all the data on my drives?? This is doing my head in. Any help greatly appreciated guys. i've been working on this for a few hours now and have no success. if i boot with my oriignal usb it will show in synology assistant as migratable and version 6.1-15152 dsx3615xs but i can't do anything with it- can't access it etc. If i try with any other boot image I can't even get it to show up in synology assistant or the web assistant. please help. my kids are driving me nuts wanting to watch their movies!
  4. Hi, I want to downgrade to xpenology 5592. How do I do this without losing ally my files/settings/ip address etc? Cheers Johno
  5. i changed to version 5592 today and got my Sony PS3 Play Tv tuner working so thanks very much. Just wondering what is the best program to use to record tv?
  6. Where can I get the 5592 version from and how do I install it? Is it just a fresh install of xpenology? Do you think 5592 will work with a Sony play tv tuner?
  7. Ok I've downloaded the driver that's recommended to use with the play tv and Linux but I'm unsure where I need to put the driver to use it with xpenology?? Can anyone help? And it says something about updating the kernels? How do I do that with xpenology or is there a version of xpenology I can install with all this done? I'm in the process of backing up my data so I can install another drive and will reconfigure xpenology so happy to do a fresh install if needed.
  8. Hi, i have a HPN54L running Xpenology. What I would like to do is record free to air tv on it and have this available on my network to watch anywhere 9smart vt or media player etc). What tv tuners are capable of this (hd homerun??) and what software sis needed (dvblink/tvheadend???) Any advice/help appreciated.
  9. Ok thanks for that. I have no idea how to install to headend via Debian chroot. Any guides anywhere? Will it change/stuff up anything in how xpenology runs currently?
  10. Hi guys, I have a hp n54 running xpenology and I have a Sony play tv tuner lying around doing nothing so does anybody know if it's possible to get the tuner working with my setup and tvheadend? I tried connecting the tuner but tvheadend didn't find it so not sure if I'm doing something wrong? Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers Johno
  11. Hey guys, Is there anyway to get the USB flash disk to eject automatically when xpenology boots? If so how? Cheers Johno
  12. ok.. if i apply the pat file as in the guide i posted above it doesn't work as the file isnt named - its named so pasting in the sed's aboe doesnt work. i followed another guide where it said just download the update from the disktation manager and then do the sed commands. if i do that i get a file called on there and the sed commands work but when the update tries to install i get an error saying "there is a temporary directory access error(2) during update" and the update crashes. any ideas??
  13. thanks mate. ill give that a go when i get home. if i install the update successfully will it wipe the content off my hdd's??
  14. Hey Guys, I installed xpenology succesfully on my n54l by following this guide now when i get to the install update 1 part i get this error when connected by ssh "sed: unsupported command" im following thue guide perfectly but it doesn't work. any ideas??