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  1. You won't be able to install DS918 because it is incompatible with the processors of R630. DS3617 is compatible and this is why it's installing. Not detecting the drives is weird and I'm sure there is a problem somewhere with the way you are implementing it. BTW, you have to increase the amount of drives by editing a config file post installing DSM, If that is what you are referring to not detecting your drives. I had 16 drives and it was limited I think to 8 and had to edit the file for DSM to see and pick up the remaining.
  2. I noticed you are using DSM for DS918 while the steps and loader are for DS3617. Have made the necessary changes in the steps for DS918?
  3. Here is the link for the loader!zcogjaDT!qIEazI49daggE2odvSwazn3VqBc_wv0zAvab6m6kHbA
  4. I posted a step by step tutorial not too long ago. Can you follow it and see if you missed something and try again?
  5. I posted a step by step instructions a couple posts back here. Try to follow them and maybe you'll know where the problem is.
  6. Hope this helps. If I mention a tool that you don't have l, just Google it and download it. We will be using DS3617xs as it offers a bit more IMO. If you want to use a different model just substitute the extra drivers file, the serial number generator, DSM and loader files. 1. Download the loader!zcogjaDT!qIEazI49daggE2odvSwazn3VqBc\_wv0zAvab6m6kHbA 2. Download the extra drivers\_id=06641076704622277403 3. Download DSM\_DS3617xs\_24922.pat 4. Use a new flash drive or clear a flash drive using diskpart in CMD. I recommend a USB 2.0. and go into the device properties to get the vid and pid records. 5. Mount the loader you downloaded in step one on OSFMount. Select partitions 0 and 1 in step 2 by pressing ctrl button while clicking. Make sure read only drive is unchecked in the next step. 2 drives will pop up. 6. Get a serial for your deployment from here\_generator/index.html Make sure you choose the model DS3617xs 7. Edit the grub/grub.cfg file. It is located in the first drive. Changing the following `set vid=0x!!!!` `set pid=0x!!!!` `set sn=@@@@@@@@@@@@@` `set mac1=$$$$$$$$$$$$` `set mac2=$$$$$$$$$$$$` `set mac3=$$$$$$$$$$$$` `set mac4=$$$$$$$$$$$$` !!!! are vid and pid. a set of 4 numbers. @ is the serial you generated in step 6. $ is your network nics addresses without the ':'. I have 4 nics so there are 4 records add or remove records as necessary. Change the following record to have 4 instead of 1 `set timeout='4'` save the file and close. 8. Open the extra drivers downloaded in step 4 with 7zip and put the file extra.lzma in the second drive that was mounted in step 5. 9. Open the DSM downloaded in step 3 with 7zip and take the files rd.gz and zImage and put them next to extra.lzma we copied in the previous step. 10. Dismount all drives and exit OSFMount. 11. Run Win32DiskImager and flash the loader we mounted and edited with OSFMount. 12. Put it in the USB slot of your server. Preferably the USB on the motherboard if you have one. 13. Boot your machine and go to BIOS settings. change boot type to BIOS and make the USB with the loader on it the first thing to boot and reboot the machine. 14. download Synology Assistant 15. wait for the message 'Happy Hacking' and launch Synology Assistant and hit search till you see your machine come live. It will take around a minute to 2 minutes. 16. When going through the installation of DSM. Do a manual install and upload the file downloaded in step 3. Done.
  7. Much appreciated. I will do it later tonight or tomorrow as it is checking the integrity now and not sure if I should shutdown and try. Can I? I finally had the time to do this while in quarantine.
  8. Thank you again. Copy that. Ignoring cosmetics and disabling HT. As I am typing, I was finally able to boot DS3617xs on loader 1.02b with DSM 6.1.7 with extra drivers image. I tried 1.03b with its corresponding extra drivers image and it didn't work. Is this expected for my hardware?
  9. Thank you so much for taking time to read my post and reply. It is actually 24 with HT. But I get the message. Thank you. I will check.
  10. What is the core count on your setup?
  11. I know that this thread is 2 years old. But, I would love to know if someone was able to use RS4017xs+.
  12. Hello everyone. I used loader 1.01 with DS3615 on a bare-metal install on Dell R720xd. It works fine. It contains dual E5-2640 processors with 6 cores each, 12 with HT. But, unfortunately DSM reports only 2 cores of INTEL Core i3-4130. My network card is BRCM 10G/GbE 2+2P 57800 rNDC and they work just fine. I have edited the synoinfo.conf file to increase the drives count and see all my 14 drives. I have seen a post about increasing the core count by using other DSM files. My questions: I am not experienced in Xpenology, so is what described in this post correct or doable as described? I honestly tried to do as was described in the post and I get the happy hacking message but could never find it through the finder. Is this network driver issue? What is the most appropriate loader that works with my processor with most core count? Appreciate the help.