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  1. Why u no gpedit the shity windows so it never forces updates? Did u manage to recover?
  2. Ah I see, something about it being disabled in ui for enterprise units. Never ran into this problem on 918+ 1.04 loader. DS1821+ new unit and has shr.
  3. Pretty sure SHR is one of the main features of Synology. Hopefully it doesnt go away
  4. The weird errors in dmesg? You using ssd to test transfer to? Mine goes around 270mb but I have 7 disks in shr2 right now, no idea how fast shr is with 4. edit: hmm my mtu is 1500, guess thats the jumbo frame thing thats needs to be the same on all eths.
  5. I mean the conflict between jun driver and 6.2.3 i915 driver disables transcoding? No idea what those errors were, transfers didnt seem to be interrupted if i remember. Still didnt want that happening, thats why i went back to 6.2.2. Probably should have tried 2.12.0 before downgrade.
  6. Its a RTL8156 usb eth. Found one log but its still not fully complete. Does i915 conflict disable transcoding? Sure I can try 2.14.0 driver, currently using 2.12.0.
  7. 6.2.3 was working, those errors were when transferring data over usb eth. Then i downgraded to 6.2.2 and using r8152-apollolake-2.12.0-2.spk bb-qq driver currently. edit: Did the upgrade, seen the i915 conflict, uninstalled spk and replaced extra with v0.13.3 but it was couple of months ago.
  8. Would it be possible to get 1.04b juns extra with just i915 driver removed? Had some problems with v0.13.3 r8125 driver back then when trying 6.2.3 i think.
  9. found this cool little greasyfork script that lets you run media directly in VLC player from a Videostation. https://www.reddit.com/r/synology/comments/7kymgw/integrating_video_station_and_vlc_in_a_different/ once logged in to nas by //ip/ it works great, for a couple of months now. would prefer mpch, but not a big deal.
  10. Got a 6.2.2-24922u6 connected over ics in win10 and it seems ports 5k and 22 are closed from outside so it should be ok? Thats pretty bad, out of the blue multiple remote vulnerabilities.
  11. Uh, fail. Ordered with paypal&mailboxde and got this now: Your order unfortunately did not meet one of the test criteria and therefore had to be automatically rejected for security reasons.
  12. Performance difference thats all i think.
  13. There is maybe something wrong with your usb stick. zlmage is on partition1 of it.
  14. Anyone seen these errors on Seagates while writing a alot? Maybe related to Ironwolf write cache off incident? Its listed as compatible but probably not many use these in a nas.