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  1. I was running a DSM 6.1.7 on DS3615xs for several year and recently decided to upgrade to a more recent version on DSM 6.2 in order to get benefit of new enhancements. I managed to get a DSM 6.2.3 running on DS3617xs and get all my drives plugged back on the station. Unfortunately the new setup was really not stable so I tried and succeed to get a dsm 6.2 running on a DS3615xs . I still had lot of problems there so I decided to move back to my original setting. I proceed with the clean disk install with an empty SSD and succeed easily to move back to 6.1.7. This last installation looks very stable and I even manage to enable the quickconnect that I never succeed before. I fell then confident and plug back my raid drives but when I restart I had a migration screen from DS3617xs to DS3615xs. I was very surprise since my station previously starts normaly from the clean SSD without my raid drives. I finally decide to proceed with the migration from DS3617xs to DS3615xs but when I select the manual install with DSM 6.1.7 pat file I got this screen and do really know how to move on. Tanks in advance for your help Regards
  2. Hi, I would like to migrate to DS916, but would like to backup at first my 9 tb data (just in case.....). Do you know the cheapest and most efficient way to backup these data in the cloud taking into account that I should not need to restore anything if I don’t have any issues. Thanks Regards