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  1. Hi, I want to compile my own kernel with respect to V1000 branch, since my Proxmox VM host uses Ryzen anyway and I want to ensure the best performance as possible. I have enabled more VirtIO modules as built-in so that I don't have to go through copying all the modules once again. However I cannot build it correctly with Synology config that they have apparently made some roadblocks along the way, one of which is a mysterious MY_ABC_HERE macro definition which hindered init/initramfs.c compilation and as a workaround I stripped it, but then I see some Synology related LED constant and I'm pret
  2. Steve Fan

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Would you like to provide a kernel thats running on DS1821? I have a Ryzen 1600 AF NAS that could benefit a lot, or let me know about the instructions to build such kernel, thank you @jun!
  3. Yes I followed the order of loading module and now it somehow works, at least the virtio net driver does, meanwhile balloon and the rest doesn't: Also interestingly I checked lsmod to see the deps: But I don't know why it is not built-in since Linux kernel should have had included these out of the box. I also don't see why Synology will cherry pick these modules since it is not really impacting any performance, plus by the inclusion of virtio they can utilize the VM station more efficiently thus bringing in more value to the customers. Silly choice for Synology.
  4. That doesn't seems possible, since most of these cloud providers use virtio, including NIC and disk to boost VM performance, and Xpenology unfortunately does not support virtio out of the box, and this mean unless the guest can host nested VM (that is, VT-X is passed though to the VM), and this alone is already a rare thing so this mean trying to virtualize Xpenology at a cost of slight performance loss is also rare. But with Ryzen/EPYC hosting however I think this could change as I see most of the Ryzen host providers allowed passthough of SVM. This can potentially be
  5. Hey would you like to fix and provide a driver extension pack for this? I tried editing /etc/rc.modules in extra{,2}.lzma but in 7-Zip this is a read only archive so I can't do it myself easily. You have the source to reproduce the pack. I think the kernel version is not matching. I want to use virtio so that I can squeeze most of the performance as much as possible so that it can go production. I'm running DSM off of my Proxmox NAS box running atop of ZFS right now and I think DSM and Proxmox can complement each other well I have the commands to load virtio in my log.txt, you can take a look
  6. In a typical server to support iSCSI you will need (i)PXE I guess, then you will have a virtualized drive in BIOS. Then you could operate with the iSCSI target transparently without much intervention from DSM. Not sure if installing the extra firmware will make it work with the iSCSI disk though.