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  1. You can try Syno drive, for 6.2.2. It is working for my J1900 with i211 NIC, but it will reboot when transcoding. what is your NIC?
  2. Hi, I upgrade my xenology to 6.2.2, but when I installed the moments and upload photos, just 4-5 photos, the machine will restart again and again. Anybody can help? Thank you.
  3. Sorry, please check the link https://easyupload.io/eeup5p. For "syno", J1900 can boot without any problem, but once the decoder working, will reboot.
  4. Thanks for your hard work. But I found your boot did not load i915 drivers. I got one boot img, but cannot get the i915 driver's version. Compared with Jun's 1.04b loader, only the i915 drivers update (3 files only, drm, drm-help, i915) in the extra.lmz, no others changed from Jun 1.04b. I just verified in my computer and works well with 6.2.2-24922 new installation, which CPU is intel J1900 and Ethernet card is intel i211. also has /dev/dri. but the hardware decoder not tested. This driver works well, I would like to share with you. The img link: https://share.weiyun.com/56ia