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    Hey folks, I'm using XPE for quite a while now. At the beginning all was fine: On my freshly installed DSM 5.0-4418 Beta i build a Raid 5 with 4 WD Green 1.5 TB Drives. When i filled that raid for the first time, I reached transfer Speeds of over 100 MByte/sec over GBit network. But now, 4 month later, the network Speed is limited to 20 to 30 MByte/sec for both reading and writing. The Volume has a free space of 40% and all four drives have status normal. The hardware should be fast enough: I used a DIY Server: Intel I5 2370T, ASUS P8H77-I, 16 GB of Ram and an Intel PCIe Network GBit Card. Any Idea how to improve those speeds. Beside this and the fact that PLEXes DLNA server sucks, i really like the XPE server, but right now I am temped to move back to UbuntuServer / WSE2012 Regards KJ