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  1. I got a new question concerning my new built server: Intel C246 chipset offers a SGPIO-connector. I got it working, power LED and drive access indicator are functional. There still is a 2 Hz synchronous red blinking of all four drive bay LEDs. I've attached the "instructions" I got from Asrock, is there anything wrong? Do I have to configure them by myself? Thanks for commenting!
  2. I managed to get 6.2.3-25426 working with extra.lzma/extra2.lzma for loader 1.04b ds918+ DSM 6.2.3 v0.13.3. Until now, NICs and OCuLink are working fine. Thank you!
  3. As far as I read, the 6.2.3 won't work with any xtra.lzma containing the drivers for my i210 & i219-LM NICs... Does it work by using ESXi to get rid of driver issues?
  4. Its now working with 6.2.2 and xtra.lzma, it seems like the drivers for both NICs have been missing. Would like to switch to 6.2.3 tomorrow with a new installation.Thanks for your fast response!
  5. I have my ASRock E3C246D2I (Intel C246) started with Juns loader 1.04b 918+, but I can't get up one of the NICs, its just blinking but not recognized in the router. Aren't these i210 and i219 natively supported or do I need the xtra.lzma? Any hints? I put in the right MAC's, got them from a previous Win10 installation...
  6. Is it possible, to change CPU on a configured system (G5420 to i3 9100) or is a complete reinstall of DSM recommended/neccesary?
  7. Another question: What will happen if the USB-Drive with the bootloader somehow gets faulty or damaged? Is it possible to setup a new one to replace the old one and get DSM starting again?
  8. @flyride Thanks for your answer. As I see, you have the Intel C236 working. Do you know if the oculink from a Intel C246 would work with Xpenology? I don't have any experience with that oculink. Is it just another connector used to save space on mini ITX boards? I wonder if it needs a special driver, but it uses Oculink to SATA connector cables... Greetings
  9. Hey everyone, I managed to install Xpenology on one of my older i5 4th Gen PC for testing puroses and everything is working fine and very well. I was used to a QNAP TS419PII 4-Bay NAS with ARM CPU, which is as slow as a turtle. Now that I liked Xpenology very much, I decided to buy new hardware to set up a 4-6 bay NAS because prices of real Syno-boxes are just hilarious. There are now some fundamental quastions: - Why do some users use EXSi for virtualization? What ist the benefit of running Xpenology on a virtual machine? - I read about the extra driver packages fr
  10. Hey, i'd like to set up a new NAS. For my purposes, I would like to install 4 SATA HDDs an 2 SSDs. the server is used for file storage (at least 2 Users), media server and as NZB client. I would like to use Chenbro SR301 case, which recommends using a mini-ITX mainboard. What do you think? Which Mainbors should be used? Asrock C236 WMI with Pentium Gold oder i3 CPU? Or a more actual Z370/390? Any hints? Thank you in advance