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  1. I use this one. Intel D33682 NIC. Like $20 on bay. OR 10GB use Intel X540-T2. $120 on bay
  2. The 920+ is in a Raid 5, BRFS, 4x16TB Seagate Exos with 8GB ram. Use if for Plex. I got it on Amazon Prime day for a steal.
  3. I got it to work. The telnet thing was advanced recovery for it. If you do a simple upgrade from WD it was easy. The reason - "a fun and exciting challenge". Throw in the towel is not accurate. For me, I needed more from a NAS. Was it worth it? It worked better than the WD NAS software. IF I was to keep using the WD NAS, I would have left DSM on it. I went to a 920+ (recently) after using a 5 drive home built. Two drives were to small for my needs. "We do what we must because we can."
  4. 918+ needs UEFI to boot 3617xs needs Legacy Bios
  5. NVMe SSD's are not supported as a boot drive. SATA SSD's work will work as a boot drive. This is to the best of my knowledge.
  6. Just ordered 4 - 16TB Seagate Exos Drives. I filled the 4- 12tb's I was using. Paired with the 2246g and the Gen10+ with no installed cards. I am hoping I am ok with the power limits. peak HDD power is 10w each.
  7. I actually have a 3950x AMD which I tested the DS3617xs. I disabled the SMT so I had 16 cores and it was fast. But it is a full size tower. I wanted a Nas for the shelf. I followed the NasCompares CPU chart for the upgrade idea. The speed difference between the 2224 and the 2246g is very noticeable.
  8. I got DS3617 to work. Legacy bios, USB boot supported, Serial Port= disabled. The 918+ worked fine, minus two network ports. I made two USB sticks to boot from and stuck them in the USB's. Now it boots. If I only have one in, it doesn't boot. Don't know why. Also upgraded to CPU to a E-2246g and it is a huge difference in Plex transcoding. With the 2224, it was pegged above 90% for transcoding. The 2246 didn't got above 30%
  9. Motherboard: Asus B550m-Plus CPU: AMD Ryzen 3950x RAM: 16GBx2 Gskill Ripjaws GPU: AMD 5500XT 8GB HDD: Seagate Ironwolf 10TB Power supply: Corsair 450watt SFF I turned off SMT in the Bios as it only saw 16 cores anyway. Turned on CSM for legacy boot and it worked. Testing for Plex encoding and it is light speed faster than my 920+. CPU usage encoding is like 10% and multiple encoded offsite streams seem to not raise it beyond 40% I bought it for a gaming station and I never game. Had it sitting here. I am now debat
  10. I picked one up. Amazon pulled the ad down. Glad I could help. I was thinking of the new DSM version and having no issues. Still on newegg