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  1. Clover works as a boot loader for Linux variants, Windows and MacOS. Wouldn't work for our purposes here.
  2. I got the board for $80 at micro center and really can't complain. It worked without any real fiddling. Would like all 6 core / 12 logical working for Plex, but the 918+ supposedly transcodes better. I am going to put 32gb of ram in it for some reason as it is sitting here. If the DS3617xs ends up going UEFi, it will get upgraded. Thanks Flyride. I did want to post this if anyone else was going to try the board and CPU combo. It is newer and haven't seen other posts about it.
  3. I was upgrading my Xpenology hardware from a HP Z230 tower to a newer setup. The plus of this board is the 6 sata ports and the newer CPU architecture. The onboard NIC would not recognize. I used an old Intel 1000 PCi-E card that was in my parts bin. In the bios, disabled things not in use- sound, serial ports, the onboard NIC The bad is that have not been able to install anything except the 918+ due to the inability to boot anything other than UEFI. Wanted to install the 3617+ because of the higher core count, but every variety tried failed. Am using an Intel I5-10400 CPU with Hyperthreading set to OFF. The 918+ from what was stated on this site only uses 4 cores anyway. I should have read that before buying it, but oh well. If anyone else has any luck with booting legacy in the Asus board with the LGA 1200 chip, please chime in. Would like to use 12 logicals instead of 4. On the plus side, it took the install and the expanding a drive without any hitch. Only had to remove the USB from the old setup and transfer drives over. It booted right up and didn't require any fiddling or setup. Had to reset the static IP only. Thanks
  4. UEFI changed to legacy and now it takes all variants (918, 3615 and 3617) and I updated to 24922 using the 3617. Thank you. It has taken three days to copy movies over, so far. 30tb takes a while
  5. I didn't know that about transcoding. Thank you. I would have been aggravated if I tried it and it was slow. I am going to end up using the 918+ DSM now due to the information update. I am getting older and don't want to play to get it to work. I just want it to work. I may play around with 1.03b in legacy mode to see if it takes the install. I am using a second Dell T30 with Hackintosh as my main rig. Currently using it for Plex with a E3 1245 V5. 918+ with 1.04b seems to work with every machine I have tried it on.
  6. Thread back from the dead. For reference I just picked up an ebay Dell T30 with the same specs. It will take 1.04b boot loader with the 918+ 6.2 - 24922. The 3617 works with 1.02b and 6.1.7-15284 update 3. I tried the newer DSM's fro the 3615 and 3617 with no luck. Sorry to raise from the dead, but we are in quarantine.
  7. No quick connect as it is NOT a real Synology.
  8. I ended up restoring the WD software. The biggest problem I faced was temperatures. I didn't experience an major issues software wise.
  9. I have the same issue using a 918+ Jun's 1.04b on a Supermicro 1150 board. It won't boot unless you boot it with the amount of memory that the OS was installed with. I tried going from 16GB to 32GB (for no reason) and it won't boot. Removed the ram and it booted without issue. You aren't the only one, but only workaround it is install the DSM with the configuration that won't change.
  10. you delete the partitions that have the Synology on it. Reboot and it starts up to a install WD screen. Download the software from WD. It is pretty easy. We are in lockdown. If you want realtime help on it, today is your day.
  11. you don't need to inject anything. Allow the factory bios settings. Install a vanilla Jun 1.04b 918+. The only failures I had installing were USB stick issues.
  12. I am using 918+ Jun 1.04b using the newest DSM. Use the Rear USB ports. Try a different USB stick. I bought 1gb USB 2.0 sticks for $2 each and they work better than the new one I have. I am bored, so If you want it tested in almost realtime. Chime in. We are all Quarantined.
  13. Yes. HP Microserver Gen 10 takes the 918+ using 1.04b Install the newest DSM and Viola. Boot to USB. Migrate. And done.
  14. I am using the 918+ version and have had zero issues. I bought one to try out using a four port lan via the 3617xs dsm anyway. two onboard and two from niccard.
  15. I just ordered a Nc360T on eBay. I'll test mine when I get it Wednesday and update