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  1. I currently have two Xpenology boxes on separate vlans. One is on vlan 10 and the other is on vlan 20. I can access both from my pc on either Vlan. I want to back up from one NAS to the other. When I click on the server in Hyperbackup, it does not display the NAS on the other Vlan. I use pfSense as my router and Unifi as my switch. How do I expose the NAS' to each other to create backups? Thanks in advance for your help! ~Anthony
  2. That worked!! Thanks for the help!
  3. I have a Dell R520 with a perc h310 controller flashed to IT mode. BIOS recognizes all 8 drives, but Xpenogy only see’s 6. I’m running boot loader 1.03b with 3617xs. What am I missing?