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  1. Thanks @mervincm for reporting back. I will give that a try later
  2. I tried to install powerbutton_6.1-0005.spk on 6.2.2 24922 with driver extension 0.8 on 1.04b 918+ loader. But it said the DSM version is not supported. How do I install it? @IG-88would it be possible to include the power button stuff in the driver extension release? Thanks.
  3. for the record, ds3617xs also works fine. I tried the 0.5 extra.lzma with 1.03b loader. Thanks guys
  4. ic, when I look at the different between the cpu used in 918+ (apollolake) and ds3617xs (broardwell). It seems that apollolake has some new SHA instructions. everything else stays the same. Not sure how likely those instruction will be used. I guess I should be safe. And knowing that I can switch between the two is good. Thanks once again. @IG-88. You have been a great help!!
  5. I guess what I concerned about is if i use a DSM version designed for a CPU newer than what I have, there may be chance that the system will crash due to unsupported instructions. I don't know if it makes sense. Just want to make my system will be stable for daily usage. And avoid stuff that has high risk. Thanks in advance.
  6. So @IG-88 I am a little embarrass to say this. But I think the problem is between the keyboard and the chair. It turns out I plugged xpenology into an old switch which I didn't own. It didn't support 1Gbps AND X557 didn't seem to support 100MBps. So once I fixed that. I was able to boot up and install 918+ without any problem. So about picking which DS3617xs vs DS918+ loader and the potential implication. which one should I really pick? It seems like from your comment and also the table in I wouldn't have transcode either way. So what is the advantage picking one over the other? is UEFI important? I am going to see if I have a chance to install ds3617xs and see if it work and reported back. Thank you @IG-88 for your help
  7. @IG-88 so I have tried 918+ with your extra.lzma and extra2.lzma, but no luck. I think the best thing is to get serial cable and see what happen. It could have been my bios setting. So one more question. If I use ds3617xs 1.03b would I still be able to do trancoding? As it was mentioned, in your extra.lzma post, if I use 918+ recovery, I wouldn't be able to transcode, just curious if ds3617xs will still let me do it. Thanks a lot
  8. thanks @IG-88. In my first attempt on the 1.03b loader, I didn't. I just use whatever the loader has. On my 2nd attempt, when I tried the test 0.5 extra.lzma, I did copy rd.gz and zImage from https://archive.synology.com/download/DSM/release/6.2.2/24922/DSM_DS3617xs_24922.pat into the 2nd partition as given in In terms of boot device, it only has the legacy ones. I am going to 1.04b 918+ with the extra/extra2 and will report back. BTW, since 918+ use a newer cpu than the one I have on my board, would that cause me trouble? And when? Does xpenlogy support USB serial? Really want to see what's going on in the console
  9. thanks and sorry @bearcat Jun loader 1.03b for ds3617xs I am trying to use DSM 6.2.2. More specifically, https://archive.synology.com/download/DSM/release/6.2.2/24922/DSM_DS3617xs_24922.pat. I tried also tried ds3617xs extra.lzma from this thread What would be a reasonable/working combo? I think the nic are X557-AT2 I have also tried 3615, same thing. Does 3615 loader have ixgbe? Edwin
  10. HI guys, I received a Supermicro x10sdv-4c-tln2f for free and would like to use Xpenology on it. I am using ds3617xs loader because both use similar CPU (D1521 vs D1527). But once the bootloader printed the "... find.synology.com ... " I wasn't able to find it on the network. What should I do? I know people has success with the board using ESXi, but I rather run bare metal. I did the following 1. update pid/vid, sn, mac1 and mac2 in grub.cfg 2. change in BIOS to Legacy boot Serial-over-Lan show me nothing regard the console output. I also use the same procedure and tried ds3615xs. same thing. Please let me know how I should proceed. Thanks
  11. I am interested to try the extra.lzma for ds3617xs 1.03b loader on my Supermicro X10SDV-4C-TLN2F. However, the tiny upload link said the file no longer exists. Where can I find the file? Thanks