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  1. @mervincm I got this figured out. Just want to report back my findings in case someone has a supermicro board. It turns out there is a BIOS setting in Supermicro "Power button behaviour". You can choose between "instant off" or "4 sec override". The correct setting for the power button to work is "instant off" Here is the details log edwin@jarvis:/$ dmesg | grep Button [ 21.328442] input: Power Button as /devices/LNXSYSTM:00/LNXSYBUS:00/PNP0C0C:00/input/input0 [ 21.328447] ACPI: Power Button [PWRB] [ 21.328497] input: Power Button as /devices/LNXSYSTM:00/LNX
  2. @mervincm, I followed your instruction but it doesn't seem to work for me. is there anyway to debug this? I am using Jun 1.04b loader for ds918+ 6.2.2 24922 (https://archive.synology.com/download/DSM/release/6.2.2/24922/DSM_DS918+_24922.pat) with 0.8_recovery ds918+ (http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=02568989419278984390) from IG-88 and POWERBUTTON_6.2-0002.SPK. I am using Supermicro x10sdv-4c-tln2f. I can shutdown properly using the web interface. Here is my step to install: 1. uninstalled the mentioned.spk 2. reinstalled the mentioned .spk 3. extracted button.ko and evdev.ko
  3. Thanks @mervincm for reporting back. I will give that a try later
  4. I tried to install powerbutton_6.1-0005.spk on 6.2.2 24922 with driver extension 0.8 on 1.04b 918+ loader. But it said the DSM version is not supported. How do I install it? @IG-88would it be possible to include the power button stuff in the driver extension release? Thanks.
  5. for the record, ds3617xs also works fine. I tried the 0.5 extra.lzma with 1.03b loader. Thanks guys
  6. ic, when I look at the different between the cpu used in 918+ (apollolake) and ds3617xs (broardwell). It seems that apollolake has some new SHA instructions. everything else stays the same. Not sure how likely those instruction will be used. I guess I should be safe. And knowing that I can switch between the two is good. Thanks once again. @IG-88. You have been a great help!!
  7. I guess what I concerned about is if i use a DSM version designed for a CPU newer than what I have, there may be chance that the system will crash due to unsupported instructions. I don't know if it makes sense. Just want to make my system will be stable for daily usage. And avoid stuff that has high risk. Thanks in advance.
  8. So @IG-88 I am a little embarrass to say this. But I think the problem is between the keyboard and the chair. It turns out I plugged xpenology into an old switch which I didn't own. It didn't support 1Gbps AND X557 didn't seem to support 100MBps. So once I fixed that. I was able to boot up and install 918+ without any problem. So about picking which DS3617xs vs DS918+ loader and the potential implication. which one should I really pick? It seems like from your comment and also the table in I wouldn't have transcode either way. So what is the advantage picking one over
  9. @IG-88 so I have tried 918+ with your extra.lzma and extra2.lzma, but no luck. I think the best thing is to get serial cable and see what happen. It could have been my bios setting. So one more question. If I use ds3617xs 1.03b would I still be able to do trancoding? As it was mentioned, in your extra.lzma post, if I use 918+ recovery, I wouldn't be able to transcode, just curious if ds3617xs will still let me do it. Thanks a lot
  10. thanks @IG-88. In my first attempt on the 1.03b loader, I didn't. I just use whatever the loader has. On my 2nd attempt, when I tried the test 0.5 extra.lzma, I did copy rd.gz and zImage from https://archive.synology.com/download/DSM/release/6.2.2/24922/DSM_DS3617xs_24922.pat into the 2nd partition as given in In terms of boot device, it only has the legacy ones. I am going to 1.04b 918+ with the extra/extra2 and will report back. BTW, since 918+ use a newer cpu than the one I have on my board, would that cause me trouble? And when? Does xpenlogy support USB se
  11. thanks and sorry @bearcat Jun loader 1.03b for ds3617xs I am trying to use DSM 6.2.2. More specifically, https://archive.synology.com/download/DSM/release/6.2.2/24922/DSM_DS3617xs_24922.pat. I tried also tried ds3617xs extra.lzma from this thread What would be a reasonable/working combo? I think the nic are X557-AT2 I have also tried 3615, same thing. Does 3615 loader have ixgbe? Edwin
  12. HI guys, I received a Supermicro x10sdv-4c-tln2f for free and would like to use Xpenology on it. I am using ds3617xs loader because both use similar CPU (D1521 vs D1527). But once the bootloader printed the "... find.synology.com ... " I wasn't able to find it on the network. What should I do? I know people has success with the board using ESXi, but I rather run bare metal. I did the following 1. update pid/vid, sn, mac1 and mac2 in grub.cfg 2. change in BIOS to Legacy boot Serial-over-Lan show me nothing regard the console output. I also use the same procedure and
  13. I am interested to try the extra.lzma for ds3617xs 1.03b loader on my Supermicro X10SDV-4C-TLN2F. However, the tiny upload link said the file no longer exists. Where can I find the file? Thanks