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  1. Hi.. I am having problems using DSM on my iPad and iPhone after iOS firmware updates to 13.4 last night. All the web based apps are having same issue. On DSM double touch to open a folder is not working. On moments and drive scrolling is not working. All the problems are both on iPhone and iPad on all different browsers. I tried safari, chrome and Microsoft edge. I think iOS 13.4 breaks functionality of DSM web UI. Please look into the matter. devices I am using are iPhone 11, iPad 6th Gen and DS918+ with DSM 6.2.2 update 5. BTW: DSM is working fine on A PC or Android Phone.
  2. Well I didn't follow the guide perfectly. Previously I created the flash drive with custom extra.lzma & extra2.lzma without zImage and rd.gz files from DSM 6.2.2... so it couldn't detect my Realtek NIC. Now I was using 6.2.1 with Jun's loader. I updated my system to 6.2.2 from DSM OS.. during first reboot i manually turn off the system and removed USB Drive. Then I Inserted the USB drive to other PC, mounted partition 2 and copied and replaced just extra.lzma. Then I inserted the USB Drive to Synology system and booted the system. It showed up in my LAN and installed the 6.2.2 update
  3. Ok.. I will check that.. my system is not connected to the monitor at the moment.. so I will check later and report here.. How to check that.. as I am running 6.2.1 without an issue.
  4. So why 6.2.2 didn't work for me..? (System can't connect to internet, it doesn't show up on "Attached Devices" in Router GUI) I have successfully installed DSM 6.2.1.
  5. I can rewrite flash drive but how can I format 1 и 2 partitions on HDD? HDDs are installed inside the casing. Do I have to remove and installed on another PC to format? or there is any way format them from bios or xpenology boot?
  6. OK.. I understand it is the problem with my Realtek NIC. So how can I reinstall DSM 6.2/6.2.1 as my system is not allowing me to install other than 6.2.2? how to full reset flash drive as well as my system for fresh install?
  7. Hi.. I have built a custom system to use it for NAS. my build is: CPU + Mobo Combo: Asus Prime J3355i-C Mobo with Intel Celeron J3355 processor RAM: Adata 4GB DDR3 1600MHz PSU: Generic 200W Casing: Cooler Master Elite 110 HDD: 4TB Ironwolf NAS drive SSD: Adata 128GB Now I tried to install Xpenology on this machine. I used jun's loader 1.04b for DS918+ with default ramdisk. On first boot I get to the screen where system tells me to go to So I visit that link from other PC and normally find DS918+ and get welcome screen. So I c