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  1. Si je comprends bien, ça implique une connexion en RDP si on veut travailler sur l'ordi, mais on peut le laisser comme tel non? A-t-on accès au GUI de Windows par esxi?
  2. Thanks for your input. I read a lot about people using Exsi VMs, what is benefit of using Exsi as an hypervisor there?
  3. Hi to all! I'll be mounting a tower with Xpenology on a ThinkStation P300, everything seems fine even though I didn't try yet. I need to put Sage 50 Connection Manager, that is normally installed on Windows, on the machine. I do not know where I should go : - Either install Xpenology and do a Windows VM in Synology? - Or install Windows and use a Xpenology VM What are your opinions? What would be the best?
  4. L'hyperviseur esxi est à quel niveau? Installé dans Windows?
  5. Bonjour à tous! Je dois monter un Xpenology sur un ThinkStation P300, tout est OK de ce côté. (Pas encore essayé mais j'imagine que oui) Je dois cependant utiliser aussi Windows pour un serveur de connexion Sage 50. J'hésite de quel côté de me tourner. Devrais-je utiliser Windows 10 et mettre une VM Xpenology ou mettre Xpenology et me faire une VM Windows 10? Je ne travaille pas assez avec le système pour savoir ce qui serait le mieux. Quelles sont vos opinions?
  6. Hi! Going over MBR did the thing with the bootloader in your link! it's now working Thanks a lot!!!
  7. So I just installed 6.1 and updated to 6.2 but now it's not finding it over find.synology.com and via Synology Assistant.
  8. Hi! I was using DSM 6.1, tried to install 6.2.0 but it always give me this screen. I don't have the place to enter the pat file. I do not have any settings in my BIOS about CSM or else. I do not have have options over RUFUS for UEFI/MBR When I try to boot over the USB Drive in non-UEFI, it is obviously not working, and I do not know how to make it work. I'll try to go over 6.1 and then update but I doubt it will be working. Where could I look to give you more infos? Thanks for your time, it's very appreciated
  9. I tried to install DSM 6.2(.0) because of those driver issues. I did see this link first but wasn't fully understanding so I sticked with the normal version. Do I still need to add drivers that are in the link? By the way, thanks for oyur fast answer. It's very appreciated
  10. Hi! I installed DSM 6.1 last week on my HP and everything is working well! However, due to the fact to I want to backup my Server and VM, I'd like to get Synology Drive that is only accessible on DSM 6.2. I then began to install with the same steps of DSM 6.1, but with DSM 6.2 downloaded from Synology Website and Bootloader 1.03b. I tried for DS3615xs and DS3617xs and no result. I plug the USB key, select first option and when I go onto find.synology.com, I can't find it. I tried with Synology Assistant and can't find it. Can someone give me a little hint of where to lo