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  1. Bare Metal Backup & Restore

  2. Bare Metal Backup & Restore

    Hmmm, without BMR, it's a no-go for me. I really rely on it. I suppose it would have to be a separate box in that case, which is a PITA. Does XPEnology run in a VM?
  3. Bare Metal Backup & Restore

    Greetings. Just found this site. I've had a CS407e for years now, but I no longer use it because it's so underpowered it couldn't run concurrently more than a very few of the apps contained in DSM. That said, I've always liked DSM itself, and always wondered if there was a way to run it on some real hardware I heard about XPEnology a year or so ago, and was thinking of giving it a try, but I had one major question: is there a way (an app) that would allow me to automatically back up my Windows Clients and have the ability to do Bare Metal Restores of them from those backups, preferably with Single Instance Storage? Does anything like that exist for DSM? I'm getting that service right now from Windows Home Server 2011, and I could continue to do that while running DSM on other hardware, but I would rather not have 2 boxes running. Thanks for any info/help.