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  1. Gigabyte E6010N Motherboard Realtek 8111/10 Gbit NIC 1.03b bootlader Jun IN LEGACY MODE only!!! BIOS setup must be configured properly!! NOT UEFI DSM 6.2.3 DSM_DS3617xs_23739.pat Works
  2. "read the usb to a image file with "Win32DiskImager 1.0" (activate "read only activated partitions")" - Win32DiskImager 1.0 can read only USB with drive letter. A mark in "read only activated partitions" doesn't help. No way to read first partition. I can read and write second partition on Linux. Changed files but no effect. MB Asrock J1800M
  3. Loader version and type (918+/3615xs/3617xs): 918+ 1.04b Jun DSM version in use (including critical update): 6.2 24922 upd 5 Using custom modules/ramdisk? If yes which one?: extra/extra2 0.8_syno ds918+ , also changed files - took zImage and rd.gz from the "DSM_DS918+_24922.pat" file in partition 1 (second) Hardware details Asrock D1800M NIC Realtek RTL8111GR In BIOS choose Legacy, not UEFI. Works fine, no problem
  4. Use OSFmount and mount sinoboot.img for 918+. Then choose partition1, not 0, as usual - the then you can handle it as a liocal disk with file explorer. Try, it is very simple
  5. Where can I find serial for DS918? I see only for 3615, 3617 and 916/