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  1. Since FreeBSD's bhyve hypervisor didn't provide SMART for RDM, There a patch for this. You can specify SMART Info of Host's disk to virtual AHCI disk. that will make DSM recognize it. You can get the patch here: Without patch and specify passthrough SMART device, DSM cannot tell SMART. After Patch and sepecify a SATA SSD as the passthrough device. here is the SMART result. Since my M2 SSD is not in SMART database, the attribute are not showing correctly.
  2. Hi guys. I make two nvme emu disk for ds918+, and it works. Thank you very much.
  3. 通过你的描述,无法准确判断问题所在。 你这个问题需要进行排查。方法大致如下: 1. 首先需要判断系统是否支持你的网卡。这个可以登陆控制台(开启SSH),然后通过dmesg这个命令来看看网卡是否正常加载驱动。 万兆网卡有很多型号,芯片各不相同。原装的DSM并没有包含很多驱动。论坛中有extra驱动,可以看看是否支持你的网卡。 2. 如果第一步中,已经发现驱动加载上了,那么第二步通过ifconfig来看看网络界面是否已经UP,IP地址是否分配。 不要太依赖DSM的网页管理,那里的东西只是对于正常状态的设备能正常显示。异常时就不灵了。 如果你能进一步提供一下排查时的信息,获取可以再提供一下排查思路。
  4. 问题在于esxi的缺省虚拟switch设定中,禁止网卡的mac更改。 而jun loader的grub.cfg中设定了将虚拟网卡的mac地址改成群晖的MAC地址,所以esxi对改过mac之后的通讯进行丢弃。 导致外部网络找不到黑裙。 解决办法有两个 1. 将虚拟的虚拟网卡mac设置成黑裙的mac地址。这个地址在grub.cfg中有定义。 2. 修改esxi的虚拟交换机安全设置,允许虚拟机进行mac地址更改。
  5. 你只是将硬盘map过去,并不是直通sata控制器。从虚拟机上看,你的ssd还是一个虚拟的hdd。 如果你想使用SSD加速,有两个办法: 1. 直接将接ssd的sata控制器直通给DSM. 这个操做需要你有额外的sata控制器,并且硬件支持VT-d直通。由于不知道你的硬件情况,无法进一步提供指导。 2. 虚拟一个nvme硬盘给虚拟机。由于DS918支持nvme硬盘加速,所以你可以通过虚拟机添加nvme硬盘来让DSM觉得你有nvme ssd硬盘。 当然,虚拟的磁盘文件要放在SSD这个datastore才行,要不然没效果。 另外,DSM会检查nvme的信息,所以你需要打补丁。具体补丁你可以找一下本论坛。
  6. As of a FreeBSD user, I use ZFS to store my data, but DSM provide some feature/app very nice, I would show how to run XPenology DSM 6.2 on FreeBSD 12.1R. Hardware configuration will be a little special. here is my Build: Xeon E5 2687v2 * 2 SuperMicro X9DRH-iF 256GB RAM other staff. Because bhyve only support e1000/virtio-net emu adapter, for performance and stability consideration a physical ethernet interface will be provide better performance. The key is MB/CPU should support VT-d, otherwize you have to choose a newer CPU p
  7. your rc.modules in extra.lzma only contain virtio virtio_ring virtio_scsi, no virtio_net. so the network interface will not bring up.
  8. I am using bhyve hypervisor. FreeBSD's bhyve only support virito_net and e1000. (not e1000e) unfortunately, e1000 is not so stable, and virito-net is not automatic loading with extra.lzma. Currently I passthough a dual port e1000e to vm. and DSM 6.2.2 works flawlessly. (with jun's 1.03b, 3617xs) I have a Chelsio T520-CR on FreeBSD host. and SR-IOV works. I'd like to passthough a VF of T520-CR to DSM. Here is the pci info after I pass the VF (command output from DSM 6.2.2) 0000:00:08.0 Class 0200: Device 1425:5801 Subsystem: Device 1425:0000 Fla
  9. Thanks!!! Yes, this is the correct way hiding the bootdisk. Here is the detail on how to hide the bootdisk on bhyve. 1. first, you have to make bhyve use two sata contoller instead of one. I dont know how to do that in FreeNAS, I am using vm-bhyve manager. and the vm config as follow: loader="uefi-csm" cpu=8 cpu_sockets=1 cpu_cores=4 cpu_threads=2 memory=4G ahci_device_limit="1" disk0_type="ahci-hd" disk0_name="ds3617-1.03b.img" disk1_type="ahci-hd" disk1_name="disk0.img" disk1_opts="sectorsize=4096/4096" passthru0="2/0/0" passthru1="2/0/1" ahci_d