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  1. There maybe another way to solve this..... Reading on a HP server site for a server software that was causing a corrupt bios upon reboot, someone commented that to get a reboot to work and not have a corrupt bios, all they had to do was to password lock the bios Anyone care to try it???? J
  2. But only just and it depends on what your trying to transcode J
  3. 1) Not unexpected, transcoding requires serious HP and a decent graphics, the j1900 isn't built for transcoding 2) Unless synology have built it into their software no, speedstep is a software application J
  4. Xpenology using nanoboot at least and I think gnoboot uses DSM 5 J
  5. Can you disable both video station and the seats port? If so, give hibernation a try then. Then reintroduce one or the other and try. When that's done, swap around. It will help you ID which is at fault J
  6. Unlikely, the last bios update is F4 released back on 29th April 2014 for gigabyte. The motherboard referred to on the first page is an asrock one That bios was updated to 1.20 back on 6/3/2014 which improved usb capability. Can't tell if the mean march or June..... J
  7. Your only issue comes with if two vms try to access the same file at the same time Also esxi does not allow RAW drives to sleep J
  8. Ah okay, that makes sense, although I guess you can save a few more watts with a smaller psu J
  9. 38w still seems a lot given your cpu won't use more then 10W, are you using a picopsu? J
  10. As title says, anyone? Needing prefab lay a usb 3 card that I slot into my motherboard as nanoboot doesn't like the usb drives on my m/b J
  11. jbugman

    Noob System Build

    Won't the drive holding the nanoboot info always be spinning anyway? I can't believe a modern drive would suffer more, but on the flip side, can you make synology download and use a separate hdd just for torrenting and downloads? Thank you J
  12. Unfortuantley I have been looking for a solution and not found one as I want to use the same for my DIY nas. My only thought would be to get a known xpenology working PCI card with USB ports on it. Have you thought about that? Does your LAN work okay, have you tried WOL and lastly does scheduled startup/shutdown work? Other then that, what's performance like? Any ideas of powe usage? J
  13. jbugman

    Noob System Build

    Please do report back with your meter readings! Also curious if your on board usb & LAN work. Have you also tried schedule start up and shutdowns and WOL? Ta
  14. Has the USB been fixed with the j1900 boards yet & do they support the on/off? Ta J
  15. Hello, The DQ35JOE is a LGA775 socket, what cpu are you using and do you find it works okay with DSM 5? Just to confirm then, the above said MB LAN works, WOL works as does scheduled sleep & wake up?? Any chance also of knowing wattage use & graphic card used? Ta J
  16. Hello, So a bit of a newbie to this. Works fine in my virtualbox so now looking to move to a dedicated box with an i3 processor for transcoding and asrock motherboard and a few red drives Now, question is, if the M/B supports RAID, does DSm xpenology? Id so what's the best RAID setup to be using If that's not possible, what's the best way to handle the data / hdd? Or do I need to find a way of doing it permanently through virtualbox? Thanks J
  17. Hello So i have this working in virtualbox on W7 via iso with a virtual adapter bridged to my ethernet adapter. Works a treat (Having followed the guide on this website) However, when i change the bridge to be connected to my wirless centrino adapter, it stops working. Question is, why. I guess its the MAC code, but what should i be changing it too? If its a MAC code i have to change, what do I change it to? I thought there was only 4 MAC addresses to choose from according to some posts? Inside of virtualboxI have tried a NAT adapter instead but still get synology assistant sa
  18. So, its up and running but i have one more problem How to connect it to my wireless adapter. If i include it in the bridge, it fails, so the only way I can connect is to connect via the bridge between my unplugged ethernet connector and the virtual adapter. Any ideas? J
  19. Well quite happily to admit my mistakes You must connect via a ethernet cable adapter, not a wireless adapter. Thats what you get for trying to install at 3am in the morning! So, on to the next challenge! J
  20. Okay, so more googling around and I have now downloade the synology assistant I have booted that up and I can see the DSM but i when i get through to the last stage to actully install, it tells me i cant connect Any ideas? J
  21. Hello, Trying to get Nanoboot to install on a Windows 7 running Virtualbox. I have downloaded the iso of 4493 and booted with this, so far, so good. I have got through till the end and it says "Excution Error" followed by asking for a Diskstation login I guess this is root but the password isnt 101-0101 Any ideas please? Thanks J