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  1. ALL HOPE WAS NOT LOST!!! HUGE SUCCESS!!! Thanks to your post on cgsecurity and, I managed to regain access to my files. I just subscribed to a 1 year subscription of CrashPlan as it's on promotion. I also bought a 4TB Seagate for local backup. I don't want such a tragedy to happen again. I spent the last week of my life frantically trying to recover my files and I cry myself to sleep every night (just kidding) as I would have lost my entire anime/music/movie/personal photo collection. Thanks everyone once again for all your help.
  2. I initially expanded 1 drive at a time but I got impatient and added the remaining 2 drives together. Now I deeply regret this decision. I don't think I have 2 RDMs mapped to a single drive. I have double checked the serial numbers and also the 2 drives have different model numbers. One is an original Samsung HD204UI, the other is a Seagate RMA unit with ST2000DL004 model. An interesting thing is that my motherboard has a very unique SATA port layout. 6 SATA 2 ports come off the Intel X58 chipset, while 4 more SATA 2 ports come off the "GIGABYTE SATA2 chip" which is a "JMB363 SATA/ID
  3. I tried to do that but the update just fails after downloading. You have to change the Nanoboot image to the latest version and apply the patches again. Your settings will still be retained with the new version if you choose that option during the installation of DSM.
  4. Ahh, another one bites the dust. I can't help you sorry, maybe someone else can. Warning for the future or other users: RDM does not pass SMART data along so XPenology can never know when a disk is failing. Set it up in ESXi or use passthrough. I have taken the disks and connected them directly to another PC. There's nothing wrong with them and the data is still there. I think this is a logical problem that somehow DSM has corrupted the partition table or something similar to that.
  5. I upgraded to the latest version of DSM and everything went well. I added another disk to expand my volume from 3 disks to 4 disks, and everything was fine. However, when adding 2 more disks, my volume crashed. More details in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3290
  6. I have an ESXi server running DSM as one of the VMs. The hard disks are passed through to the DSM VM using virtual RDM. I started with a 3 disk SHR volume and everything was fine. I then expanded the volume by adding another disk and it become a 4 disk volume. Again, everything was fine. Finally I added my remaining 2 disks to make it a 6 disk volume. The expansion had gone wrong and 1 of the disk shows up as "not initialized" and the other as "crashed". I believe my data is still fine as I can still access the files through the network. When I double click on the files they open up f
  7. I registered my account just to thank you for the help. I have successfully installed DSM on my ESXi 5.5 home server. I'm just using old second hand consumer components so I hope I don't get any long term stability issues, especially with overclocking. The specs are i7 920 @ 4GHz OC + gigabyte ex58-ud5 with 24GBs of RAM. I'm using Crucial m500 240GB for ESXi and the DSM VM, as well as 6 other 5400rpm hard disks for the data storage. This will host other VMs in the future as well for software development and testing purposes. I think that the hardware is overkill and storing my data usi