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    Version DSM 5.4493

    Ca refonctionne, la bombe ce nanaboot, en plus update direct sans manip pour l'update 1
  2. geoninja

    Version DSM 5.4493

    J'ai perdu aussi les 2 disques sur le SATA interne et externe comme toi...pourtant dans le bios on voit les 6 disques et meme au démarrage. Driver de Nanoboot ?
  3. geoninja

    Passer directement de DSM 4.2 vers DSM 5.0

    pour faire plus simple, tu crées une task sur le dsm et tu lui cole la ligne "sed's..." en basta, mise a jour direct...
  4. New bug, When i add my UPS to NL40 it's don't view. No problem with my original synology and same ups. I hope, Hibernate, UPs as soon fix..
  5. geoninja

    tip's easy hiden usb boot key

    Hi All, If you have afraid to write on your Usb key's simple... Let's go to your share folder, and change privilege view .
  6. geoninja

    Raspberry pi emulate VS80 ??

    I don't have receive my Rasberry PI, i stay, maybe this week..
  7. It's automatique. or you put to change the timming
  8. When you put your harddrive in sleep mode it's work ???
  9. I think you don't need online activation...because when you add a licence you modify your database... In standart we are only one licence...maybe this number is modify in database ? what do you think ?
  10. Status Work or no Work with NL40... Work : - Install easy - reboot ok -shutdown ok - Harddrive ok - All parkage Syno ok NO Work: - the integrated NIC is supported. - I can't get hdd hibernation working. It says "Failed to setup WOL" - reduc low consumation IF you are solution welldone. See you
  11. OK, First you conseil to make you bios by " Load Default" Second: for your usb with synoboot_microserver.img i conseil to use HDD RAW COPY TOOL And normaly is good, it's very easy.
  12. geoninja

    Raspberry pi emulate VS80 ??

    Hi, Do think is possible to install DSM VS80 on Raspberry pi ? Thank a lot for your share.
  13. I change title of my question. Sorry for my english.
  14. Just use "syno_hibernate_debug_tool --enable 10" and see "/var/log/messages" to find out, which applications uses uour drives. I just try..and no message it's clean....i try --enable-force and went go to standby mode.. I will try my second NL40...
  15. It seems that the standby mode for hard drives should work, but I have a lot of disk activity and hdd does not sleep. But "hdparm -y" can send drive in standby mode: tux> hdparm -C /dev/sda /dev/sda: drive state is: active/idle tux> hdparm -y /dev/sda /dev/sda: issuing standby command tux> hdparm -C /dev/sda /dev/sda: drive state is: standby I have same problem, my hardrives don't normal to go standby mode...if i try directly by hdparm it's ok, but not normal by DSM...any idea ?