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  1. I've tried removing the PCIe NIC, and reverted to the cable that was transferring at 100Mbps, but still no luck. I'm struggling to understand what could have gone wrong. All I did was change cables and ports on the switch. I'm wondering if it's the Unifi switch that is the cause. I'm tempted to just reinstall the system (there's not critical data on it), but suspect that won't help the network issue.
  2. I had my N40L up and running fine on DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b, but was only getting 100Mbps network speed on both the on-board and PCIe NICs. I removed the PCIe NIC to check it, learnt that it's an Intel Gigabit NIC and replaced it. I checked the lights on the Unifi USG and saw they were showing 100Mbps on both NICs. After changing the cable, it suddenly showed as 1Gbps - happy days! Or so I thought... Now I can't find the server on either of the NICs. I've tried re-imaging the USB drive, but no success. Anyone able to help?
  3. I believe the N40L has a Gbps NIC on-board (https://n40l.fandom.com/wiki/Base_Hardware_N40L), but I'm currently only getting 12MBps through my GB switch. Anyone know if this is correct, or how to fix?
  4. Thanks for the tutorial. Unfortunately I can;t seem to copy files from or to the USB device. I get an "Error occurred on [destination folder]. (This action is not supported)" message. Any tips?
  5. Thanks, I might have to give it a go - do you have a link for the DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 3 process?
  6. Doing a bit of reading, and noticed that being so old the N40L has HDD size limitations, meaning I believe I can't use the 10TB HDD I intended. Might have to give it a miss, or seek other drives.
  7. Was about to buy a Synology NAS, and remembered I had the N40L spare, and realised it might be possible to install the Synology OS, which led me to this great site. So, any tips would be greatly appreciated, including the best version I can run on this PC.
  8. Thanks for your reply. I followed the instructions in the original post in this thread. Is there a newer method (and files) I can try?
  9. Trying to do this in on HP N40L with Intel PCIe NIC, but can't see the server in Synology Assistant. I think I've followed the instructions correctly, and tried the alternative lzma to no avail. Strange thing is I had 5.2 running on this same hardware without any issues. Any other suggestions?