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    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    You are using the wrong serial number. Don;t use the HP serialnumber but generate a synology one. I can't find the link but it has been posted many times. You can find it!
  2. for some lucky reason I just found this site with very nice, well written tutorials! https://drfrankenstein.co.uk/
  3. I tried using Docker but I just don't understand it. I have SabNZBd running but cannot access the filesystem of the nas. It is all very confusing to me.
  4. Hennie-M

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    First you need to enable root login. I followed these steps: https://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopi ... 75#p424956 (Basicly, download Putty, put in the ip of the nas, login with the username and password, follow the commands and you are done.) For the enabling of SHR I used my favorite program WinSCP. I used the root login I made in the previous step and logged in (create a new profile login with the SCP protocol), find the file /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf and edit it. just like the steps here viewtopic.php?f=2&t=20216&start=440#p74525 Sorry, I did not use that as my machin
  5. Hennie-M

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    FYI: I just finished installing DSM 6.1-15047 Update 2 on my Baremetal Microserver Gen8 with a Xeon E3-1220v2 and 10gb ram (2+8). I used viewtopic.php?p=74492#p74492 However, I did not download a seperate PAT file, I just used the default setup. I made a small edit to enable root login in SSH and made it possible to create SHR diskgroups. Small note on the enable SHR trick. I had to reboot to enable the creation of SHR diskgroups. When I was done, I installed the latest update that was available. Now I just have to see if this keeps running stable in the coming week.
  6. If the installation of linux is to difficult, you can also install Windows Server (2012R2 or 2016) and enable the Hyper-V Role. Install Plex on the windows server. In my expercience the windows desktop clients perform poorly when virtualised. (even with the vmware tools or other integration tools installed) Link the disks you want to store your movies on, to a new VM and install XPEnology in this VM. In XPEnology, create a share and let Plex use these files. This way you have the most performance for plex transcoding and if you want, you can run DSM baremetal if the system doesn't work l
  7. I want to use Hyper-V server 2016 when it becomes available so I am curious about this as well. However, in the very long 'working dsm6'-post I saw people talking about this working with Hyper-V. So there should be some things available.
  8. I also did this succesfully. And when I was ready I also upgraded the cpu to a Xeon. I don't remember which type. Be carefull to remember the drive numbers and put them back in the same order
  9. What is medium to high traffic? 1000 concurrent sessions may seem medium for some and low for others.
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    I see your point, an anti-virus is not necessary on a NAS system to protect the NAS itself. However, if you have a functional virusscanner on your nas that is able to catch and dis-infect or delete malware it is a good way to protect your computer because you might connect to your nas before your anti-virus had a chance to update itself and you might still infect yourself. That being said, I only use the free anti virus. And I agree, it's mostly crap and false positives.
  11. I was having the same problems on my windows 10 pc. I will try this tonight and check back to confirm if this worked for me. I made a workaround by creating a new batchfile which deleted the excisting mapping, creating a new one and starting Explorer.exe with arguments to open the drivemapping. Ok, so it turns out that I had a different problem. But that is solved as well. I needed to put in my username and password everytime I wanted to connect to share after a reboot. Turns out that if i use the hostname as the domain "Servername"\"Username" it works better then just "username". I create
  12. I was having the same problems on my windows 10 pc. I will try this tonight and check back to confirm if this worked for me. I made a workaround by creating a new batchfile which deleted the excisting mapping, creating a new one and starting Explorer.exe with arguments to open the drivemapping.
  13. I agree with both posts If you cant reach the NAS without the router you could try giving your pc or laptop a static ip in the same range as the nas (different IP, same subnetmask and gateway, leave DNS empty) and connect to the nas using the ip adres (not the name). change the ip settings to DHCP and see if that helps when connecting it back to the network.
  14. You have to revert back to 5.2 because DSM 6 does not work yet. In case you have not noticed, XPEnology is not opensource but a hacked OS copied from Synology. It is not meant to be used in 'production', meaning that you should not store your important files on XPEnology because it is very experimental and could suddenly stop working. I noticed that this is your first post on the forum, I understand you are scared you are losing all your stuff and post quickly because you need help. But you are not the only one who upgraded to DSM 6. Hopefully you can downgrade. There are guides on the
  15. Xpenoboot 5.2-5644 Update 5 Posted via MyXpenology Thanks! Synology is updated now and its working very nicely. I own a Hp Microserver Gen8.
  16. What version of the bootloader are you guys using? I might update tommorow.
  17. I had this to, then I used another USB stick image and then it was no problems.
  18. I Fixed my problems! I used to download my files from xpenology.nl but that seems to be down for quite a while now. (byebye sponsormoney ) but on this link, there is a newer version of the PAT and IMG file: https://download.xpenology.fr/
  19. Under the turning circle with % shown in middle it says what step the upgrade is in. What is status of update when at 22%. I do not know. It usually shows the status but this time, it didn't. I can not reproduce this problem as i cant seem to get the NIC interfaces or usb to work. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  20. I just upgraded my old N40 to 5592 update 3 and that went fine. Then I tried to install 5.2 5466 and I read that with most people this wasn't a problem so I upgraded. But it keeps hanging at 22%. I did a gracefull reboot of the system and now the keyboard and NIC aren't working anymore. I assume I have to wait for a new version of XPNOboot?
  21. maybe it is cheaper for you to buy a 1tb SSD drive to install your games on. No Noise and no expensive switch and NIC's to buy.
  22. I understand what you are saying, but my initial question is still unclear. Is it true that Synocommunity Package repository stops working if you have XPenology? edit: then again, this second synology on my LAN is being anoying anyway... when i start it, my router goes crazy and no one has internet anymore. When i remove synocommunity and only add http://synology.acmenet.ru/ I also see the loading screen going on forever.
  23. I just got to install GIT from the Synocommunity repo but after that, it stopped working. I get the error message that it is invalid. Is this instability from the servers @ synocommunity or is there some sort of copy protection that i do not know off?