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  1. The serial number I see shown in "DSM control panel -> Infocenter" is different that the one in grub.conf on the synoboot.img bootdisk. I believe it's the serial number I made up when I clean installed to test the new version. However I have since changed the synoboot.img and there is a different serial number in the grub.cfg file. But the serial number in DSM still is the old one. How can I change the serial in DSM to be like the one that is now in synoboot.img? Thanks I'm using Xpenology on ESXi 6.7. I'm using DS3617XS with loader jun 1.
  2. Okay, thanks for the answer. Made things clearer for me. Will try it that way!
  3. I'm really struggling with the update of my production XPEnology system to 6.2.3 Model: DS3617XS with loader1.03b Virtual (VM) on ESXi 6.7 DSM currently on: 6.2.2 updating to 6.2.3 via automatic update in control panel. I had previously replaced the extra.lzma when updating to 6.2.2 because of problems with VMXNET3 after that update. From reading the topics, I need to revert back to the original extra.lzma in the loader1.03b. So what I've done. 1) Started the update in control panel. 2) When the VM reboots, I shut it down. 3) Edit
  4. You can also connect two serial ports on 2 VM's together. So you configure serial port as named pipe "DSMserial1", near end: server, connect to virtual machine. On a another (management) VM configure serial port as named pipe "DSMserial1", near end: client, connect to virtual machine. Now on the management VM open putty (or other terminal software) with serial port COM1 and you will get the output of the serial port of the DSM VM. Like a virtual serial cable from one VM to the other.
  5. I replaced the extra.lzma file from the "extra.lzma for loader 1.03b ds3617 DSM 6.2.3 v0.11.2_test" download found here on the forums. I replaced the rd.gz and the zImage with the files from the DSM_DS3617xs_25426.pat file. Unfortunately the VM will not boot. Serial output shows: ... linuxrc.syno executed successfully. Post init ==================== start udevd ==================== [ 19.216538] BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at 0000000700000005 [ 19.218259] IP: [<ffffffff81279455>] strnlen+0x5/0x40 [ 19.219485] PGD 1b291c067 PUD 0 [ 19.220325] Oop
  6. offtopic: Does the bootloader disk of 50MB need to be Indepentdent - not persistent?
  7. Hmmm I thought the 50MB drive should be on SATA 0:0 It's like that on my install. The other drives, used for the volumes in DSM are on SATA 1:x
  8. I tried updating to 6.2.3 the other day. And it would not come back after reboot. Couldn't find it with or DSAssistant. I tried changing the NIC's to E1000e instead of VMWNET3 and removing the USB adapter, but no luck. Had to restore a backup. Do I need to edit the synoboot.img and replace the extra.lzma again? I read the post, but it suggests it will just ignore the drivers in extra.lzma I put the fix in /usr/etc/rc.local before the update, but from what I've read it's only to stop showing the boot device in DSM and not even mand
  9. Hello IG-88, Thank you for your message. I can confirm, VMXNET3 and USB 3.0 controller works perfectly with your updated extra.lzma file. Thanks!
  10. Just a friendly warning for the other noobs like me who spent some hours troubleshooting. Using DS3617xs with loader 1.03 on ESXi 6.7. With the DSM 6.2 version VMXNET3 adapters work fine. USB controller (2.0) can be present on the VM without issues. If you upgrade to 6.2.1+ you need to switch the network card(s) to E100e (this information is in the loader matrix). But you also need to remove the USB 2.0 controller from the VM or DSM won't boot. That information is not present in the loader matrix. I had to add a serial port that outputs to file to
  11. Will it work on an Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5645? I'm have no luck with the DS918+ loader. Does't show up in assistant or The DS3516XS works fine.