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  1. xen is turning out to be a bit of a problem. Looks like hvm emulation only supports IDE emulation, and it seems that limits things to 4 devices. Not good. nanoboot knocks one off, I have an install logical volume carved off an ssd for DSM (and DSM apps etc), and then 2 out of the 3 disks. Starting to become a bit disappointed. I could use lvm or md to pool the drives and pass as one hdx ide drive, but that's rather defeating the point of using DSM to manage that. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. Hi All, I finally managed to boot using xen, was quite straightforward in the end. Now I'm having trouble passing through more than 3 storage devices. using the hdx passthrough xen only supports 4 devices, but using the xvdx devices I should be able to use more - certainly the machine boots (it doesn't if I try going up to hde), but in DSM I only see 4 devices. xen config : bootloader='pygrub' builder = 'hvm' vcpus = '2' memory = '1024' disk = [ 'file:/media/isos/NanoBoot-,xvda,r' , 'phy:/dev/xenserver-vg/nas-lv,xvdb,w' , 'phy:/dev/sda,xvdc,w' , 'phy:/dev/sdb,xvdd,w' , 'phy:/dev/sdc,xvde,w' ] name = 'vnas' vif = [ 'mac=00:16:3E:51:20:4D,bridge=xenbr0,model=e1000' ] #on_poweroff = 'shutdown' #on_reboot = 'shutdown' #on_crash = 'restart' #on_xend_start = 'start' #on_xend_stop = 'shutdown' boot = 'dc' acpi = '1' acpi = '1' apic = '1' viridian = '1' xen_platform_pci='1' sdl = '0' vnc = '1' vnclisten = '' vncdisplay='1' stdvga = '0' usb = '0' usbdevice = ['tablet' ] device_model_version="qemu-xen-traditional" gfx_passthru=0 I wonder if anyone has any experience of this? Is there anything in nanoboot that limits the number of devices? Thanks, Matt
  3. mdurkin

    XPEnology gnoBoot

    I'm trying to use gnoboot with Xen (not Xenserver) on Debian, without any result, kernel is booting, but no disk is found. How do you do on Ubuntu ? Do you have a cfg config file ? Thanks for your help. That's what I need as well. I haven't been able to get anything to boot so far!
  4. mdurkin

    XPEnology gnoBoot

    Hmm, will have to think about this - I was hoping there would be an image I could boot directly with xen. Also using xen on Ubuntu, the config is a bit different. I don't really understand where the Debian live CD comes in - I guess you're booting this then modifying grub to boot gnoBoot?
  5. mdurkin

    XPEnology gnoBoot

    Lol, you're using the wrong zImage. That's five-zero kernel which doesn't have the XEN disk patch. okey (misunderstood your gdisk files..), anyway I just downloaded last one just now: uname -a Linux DiskStation 3.2.40 #1 SMP Sat Mat 15 13:16:17 CST 2014 x86_64 GNU/Linux synology_bromlow_3612xs DSM 5.0 4458 sucesfully installed on XenServer 6.2SP1 using gnoboot-alpha10.3-zImage ! Using 32MB primary boot disk, and 8GB second system disk, 2 VCPU, 512MB RAM Using HVM (Other install media, during Xen VM creation). Disabled viridian `xe vm-param-set uuid=... platform:viridian=false` (Makes sure virt-what coretly recognizes Xen) gnoBoot image installed using `dd if=gnoboot-alpha-vfat.img of=/dev/sda1` (Using Debian Live distro) Modified `/boot/grub/menu_alpha.lst` and `/boot/grub/menu_me.lst` added `vga=0x318 sn=B3JN00...` DSM 5.0 4458 installed after booting with grub menu item –> install/upgrade/downgrade 4458 Thank you gnoBoot! Thank you very much! Later this weekend, maybe next week I will try to install xe-guest-utilities, and hopefuly I will give paravirtualization another shot (If suceeded I will post guide/code here) Hi - I'm trying to understand how to boot gnoboot from xen - in my case xen on an ubuntu dom0. You mention here you use the zImage file, but then it looks more like you used the vfat.img. If you have any further detail or suggestion I'd appreciate it. I've tried mapping the img files in my config but xen won't boot them. I can map the iso versions, but they also don't boot, though xen does then see them as boot images. Any help really appreciated...
  6. mdurkin


    Hi All, I've been trying to find if there's a way to boot XPEnology inside a Xen VM. I already have a server running xen 4.4 and wanted to install inside a Xen VM. Searching the forum I'm finding lots of ESXi and virtualbox help, but very little on Xen. Is anyone using Xen? If yes, I'd appreciate some tips on where to start (what image to map to boot as everything I've tried doesn't boot). Also, if anyone knows it's not possible, please let me know! Thanks, Matt
  7. I would be interested in a guide to installing inside xen, or actually just some basic steps! I tried with a nanoboot iso image - it tries to boot it but nothing happens. Perhaps nanoboot won't work in xen.