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  1. I don't know if it is possible but... With N54L+biosmod + internal SATA --> Rack SATA , eSATA = eSATA case trantor 4.3 upgraded --> Nanoboot 5.0.24 + 4493 PAT Hot Plug Works, Synology Detects when it's plugged but don't mount the volume (created on DSM) Rebooting with it plugged fixed this. There's any way of safe unmount for true Hot-swap of Backup Drives? HFS+ drives could be mounted over SSH without problems into any shared folder, but safe eject?
  2. I've successfully upgraded my N54L from trantor 4.3 to Nanoboot 5.0.24 with pat 4493. However booting is not so fast, takes a while. I have my N54L with bios mod, intenal SATA to 5.25" rack, for hot-swap backup, hot plug a drive with a volume worked, but says "Not Initialized", rebooting fixes that. It is possible to really hot-swap drives on Synology for backup puproses? I backed up my HFS drives mounting it manually over SSH (like any linux distro). But I need a safe way to unplug volumes created by Synology.