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  1. I only saw LSI and highpoint has 8 port raid card.
  2. I got 2 500G HD, create RAID 1 volume, and remove the 120Gssd, it works fine. I also install the surveillance station, and it works too. I would like to know: it has 2 cam license by default, can I add new license to it? since it said: it will connect to synology to validate the license key.
  3. All the SSD/HD are the one not used, maybe I have to buy some T-bytes HD to form RAID, 500G is too small. I will install the new HD while the 120G SSD is connected, and do the volume build, then remove the 120G SSD. I believe this will leave the installed DSM pat file there. By the way, I only see one NIC on DSM screen, not sure why other NIC did not show up.
  4. When I install for the first time, I use a USB drive and just a single 120G SSD, I choose "manual install" in a browser, and choose the .pat file, I was wonder where the .pat file was installed, is it installed on that 120G SSD? I will install 2 500G HD later, this 2 500G HD will form a RAID 1, as IG-88 said, that .pat file is on that 120G SSD, then I cannot remove the SSD after I install 500G HD? Thanks
  5. Success Intel i3-9100F+Gigabyte C246-WU4 MB+16G RAM, 120G SSD. 1.02b bootloder Plan to add 2 500G HD(spare one from old machine) soon to form a RAID 1. I saw some post said: don't update to 6.2, is that still correct? since my build found update, and ask to install, and I did not click "install" yet
  6. the first time I install the system, I use a 120G SSD, upon finish, is there any codes installed on that SSD or in USB drive(bootloader reside)?(I use the method of press "C" while bootloader start, and type PID/VID/SN/MAC, etc.) Today I put a 500G HD on, and use storage manager to create a "basic" RAID and volume. I will add another 500G HD later. I was wonder if I make a RAID 1 with 2 500G HD, do I need to install the codes again from that 120G SSD to 500G RAID 1? Thanks in advance
  7. Thank you all for your reply. Current I use single drive in my test box, is it necessary to use RAID 1?
  8. Thank you both for the reply The machine has 120G SSD, and I want to add a HD to the machine, so I shut the machine down, and add a 500G HD(old one, still working), when I turn on the machine(without USB drive), it seems not boot, the screen shows just a blink cursor. Is that means: I need the USB drive with loader each time the machine start?
  9. just now I istall DSM 6.1.4 DS3615sx pat to my i3-9100F/C246MWU4 MB/16G Ram/120G SSD. But it said: cpu has 2 core, not 4 core.