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  1. Edit: I just tried and biggest problem is not possible to update - I get error: Your system is not compatible with the patch file. Please contact Synology Suport for assistance.
  2. Hello, thank you for link! Any know problem with DSM 6 on Hyper-V ?
  3. Hyper-V +1 Or it is usable now with "legacy network adapter" ?
  4. klez: Thanks, but for exactly? PCIe passthrue for raid adpapter, can you please elaborate? Thx:)
  5. klez: Do you think xpenology type of use can take advantage of VT-d? (in hyper-v for example? ) Thanks
  6. Are you sure? According to = Intel® Quad-Core Processor J3160 and accrording to ... o-2_24-GHz Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x) ‡ Yes
  7. Windows Server will run just fine ( for example free hyper-v version) And xpenology in hyper-v is HW independent
  8. "NTFS module" - is that something for flashing BIOS from NTFS formated disk ?
  9. Hello, sorry for OT, but I would like to ask Should I choose ASROCK Q1900DC-ITX or ASROCK Q1900M? (I already have a compatible 4.75A AC charger) I want to use 3-4 HDD and wonder what is preferable. Alternatively, how powerful PicoPSU would you recommend to me for 4 older HDD? I worry about spinning disks on startup. 80W? 120W? Thank you!
  10. Maybe helps:
  11. Hello, I have Xpenology 5428 in Hyper-V for three months. Today i could not log in. Password does not work for DSM, SSH even in console. In console i saw: no space left on device (like this post and after couple of reboots, DSM write: cannot login to the system because the disk space is full I tried again and install DSM (migrate) setup failed at the beginning... After a long effort to attach Synology sections in Parted Magic attempts to repair it, I gave up. I restored yesterday Hyper-V backup This if df: Filesystem