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  1. thanks! sorry..I am so embarrassed....a bit now I have 100MB/S thanks!
  2. I think Win 8.1 doesn't have this function enabled...I am using the fast network adapter. please see the attached pic... Is your VM setup to use "Legacy Network Adapter"? If that's the case that would explain your 10MB/s speed and not seeing the VMQ setting. If you use the regular "Network Adapter" you should see and extra "Hardware Acceleration" option like this: From my searching around VMQ can be beneficial in some configuration and in some usage scenario but in my particular system running Nanoboot it was causing problems.
  3. sorry, I mean 10MB/s. I am using Windows 8.1 with Hyper-V. couln't find the setttings for VMQ
  4. HI, I am using Hyper-V, pass-through disk with Nano Boat on DSM 5.0-4482. to copy from LAN to XPEnology is average 10mb/s, if I copy from the system drive to Xpenology is around 5mb/s. is that the correct speed? anyway to get it working around 100mb/s? I have cat 6 cable with asus rt-ac66u router....all with giga speed.... and direct copy from my windows to another computer is average 100mb/s. thanks!